The Pop Insider is a new website and multimedia platform that enables fans of various properties to share news and information on a 24/7 basis. From “Game of Thrones” to “Harry Potter,” the platform will cater to those who want to discuss the latest episodes, news, merchandise, collectibles, Video Games, apps, Movies, and more sounding specific series.

The Pop Insider is from the same people who founded The Toy Insider and they hope it becomes just as trusted and beloved in the entertainment industry. There will be weekly e-newsletters and a seasonal printed magazine in addition to the website.

Fresh news reports by The Pop Insider and The Toy Insider can be found on their respective Facebook and Twitter pages of the same name.

Recently co-editor-in-chief Marissa DiBartolo granted an exclusive interview where she discussed the Pop Insider in depth.

Fans, contributors, and audiences

Meagan Meehan (MM): When did you decide to create the Pop Insider and how long did it take to launch?

Marissa DiBartolo (MD): The “Pop Insider” was sort of a long-term goal for us for the last few years. We were doing so many amazing things in the toy world, and our focus was really all about parents and grandparents buying toys for the kids in their lives. But, kids really aren’t the only people who play with toys.

So many adults love toys, collectibles, video games, and even board games. I knew there was an entirely separate audience out there for the type of content we were creating, and I really wanted to do something that allowed us to cater to them.

Plus, we’re all geeks here. Our entire editorial staff is full of millennials who love to geek out.

We all live for the latest episodes of “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones,” we all go see the newest superhero movies on opening night and gush about them endlessly the next day. We bring games to parties and our toys are completely covered in Funko Pop! Vinyls. The Pop Insider lets us write about the things we know and the things we love.

It’s so wonderful and we are all so excited about it. We finally got the go-ahead to launch the new site in January. It took us about four months to establish a voice, an identity, put together a custom site and start generating content. It was an aggressive timeline, and I am really proud of all the work we put in to make this happen.

MM: This is a very fan-driven site, can any fans upload articles/news?

MD: We are always writing for fans of all kinds of different fandoms, but readers are not able to upload content to the site at this time. That might be something we explore in the future, but for now, we’re just sticking to our editorial team and our amazing contributors. And we LOVE feedback.

If we didn’t get something EXACTLY right and you know it or you have questions about an article we post, we want to hear from you!

Writers, reception, future hopes

MM: Are you also hiring writers for the site and, if so, how can people sign up?

MD: Yes! We are looking for experts in a few different areas, including anime and RPG games. If anyone is interested in writing for the site, they can contact me at

MM: So far, what has reception to the Pop Insider been like?

MD: The response to the Pop Insider has been overwhelmingly positive. So many of the toy companies and production studios we work with have reached out to tell us how great they think our new endeavor is, and how it makes so much sense for us to be in this space.

Our site traffic is strong, and people are responding well to the content. It will just keep getting better with time!

MM: What are your biggest hopes for the future of the Pop Insider?

MD: My hope is that the Pop Insider can one day become THE go-to resource for news and reviews surrounding the world of pop culture. Just like there is no website better than the Toy Insider for toy reviews, I hope the Pop Insider can someday be the BEST option out there. While some sites cover entertainment news, others cover product, others focus on news and announcements, we are doing it ALL. And we will just keep finding new ways to reach our audience!

It’s so crazy to think about how years ago, reading comic books was nerdy and uncool.

Kids were ashamed to be comic book readers. And now, the biggest movies of all time are based on comic books. People unapologetically LOVE superheroes and sci-fi. I think it’s so amazing to see how far we’ve come, and I love that now we are able to embrace things that were once seen as “lame.” Find me one person who doesn’t know who Batman is, or Harry Potter, or even Doctor Who. And best of all, we now have more content and entertainment options than ever before. We’re really excited to help people cut through the clutter and find the best things to dive into.