LASSIG is a German design company that creates fashionable diaper Bags and a comprehensive selection of baby and children’s products with trendy patterns alongside the diaper bags. This includes, for example, bibs, muslin cloths, baby blankets, children's tableware, toy storage boxes, children's swimwear and children's bags – from daycare backpacks to school bags.

Aimed at both children and parents, the bag designs are colorful, sustainable, and award-winning. LASSIG is also behind the development of the “Little Chums” line that includes sippy cups, blankets, bandanas, plastic utensils, dish sets, bibs and more in a fun array of colors and patterns.

Recently the creators of the brand, Claudia and Stefan Lässig, discussed the brand, its products, and their hopes for the company’s future.

Design, bags, and starting a company

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you find your passion for Design and why do you focus on bags and carrying cases?

Claudia Lässig (CL): I’ve always had a passion for design. When I became a mother, I was disappointed that the diaper bags on the market were neither fashionable nor functional. That’s what started it all! By developing the first Lässig diaper bag, I was expressing my passion for design and creating a bag that met my demands: well thought out, functional, durable, and stylish.

MM: When did you start LASSIG and how/ why did you chose your last name to represent the brand?

Stefan Lässig (SL): Claudia and I started the company in 2007. The name LÄSSIG actually means “casual/cool” in German. Yes, it’s our family name, but it also fits our products to a tee. We develop products that are not only beautiful and functional but casual and fun, too. They’re meant to make life easier! So, the name “LÄSSIG” was a perfect fit all the way around.

The fawn in our logo symbolizes our connection with nature and life and its protection, as well as sustainability and responsibility – key ingredients in our brand.

MM: What bags do you like most and which have been the trickiest to design?

CL: I love all the bags we design. My favorite bag changes with how I feel that day. We have a passion for what we do, and we only create designs that we’re truly enthusiastic about.

I’m not sure which of our products has been trickiest to design, but I will say that it’s the ones that seem the easiest that end up being tricky. For example, we are always looking for functional materials that offer added value for our customers, but sometimes materials do not work the way we hope they will, so we have to adapt until we’re satisfied with the result.

MM: How do you come up with these unique styles and patterns?

CL: Designing is always a team effort, combining all of our creativity, ideas, and passion for creating the next successful design. For inspiration, our design team travels a lot, and we listen and value the feedback provided by our customers. Of course, we are also inspired by street style and catwalks worldwide.

MM: What inspired the Little Chums line and what are your favorite things about it?

CL: I love the animals and the pure, minimalist approach we took on this line. We chose a dog, cat, and mouse because they are some of the most beloved pets worldwide. And with simple, minimalist colors and patterns, the line is a softer alternative to traditionally colorful children's dishware.

MM: Was it challenging to start the LASSIG company and keep it going all these years later?

CL: Starting the company and especially the first years were a very exciting time for Stefan and me. We learned that the biggest challenge lies in the expansion – we began as a start-up company but pretty quickly grew into a medium-sized company.

SL: When I look back I can hardly believe that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the brand. Back in the day, we started with a small diaper bag collection. Now the LÄSSIG product range includes more than 2,000 different pieces. We’re proud of our growth and know that we owe it to our customers and the trust they’ve put in our name.

MM: How did LASSIG get into Nordstrom?

SL: Nordstrom saw our brand at a trade show a few years ago and loved the look of our bags. They felt that the line would be a perfect fit for their customer (so did we!). We’ve had a fantastic partnership with them ever since and continue to grow our product assortment with Nordstrom online.

MM: How do you select the placement of the pockets in your bags and how many separate pouches do you try to place in each bag?

CL: Pockets and pouches are really important because they help our customers keep their bags organized. That said, we aim to make each bag as practical, ergonomic, and stylish as possible. For example, to streamline some of our more modern designs, we might hide a pocket within the seams of the bag. With our practical everyday bags, we’ll add patched pockets on the outside so that our customers can quickly access just what they need. As a rule, each of our bags comes equipped with a wet compartment, cell phone compartment, jar holders, bottle holders, and an extra, separate pouch. We add additional pockets and pouches to other designs as needed for functionality.

Materials, colors, zippers, and the future

MM: The fabrics you select are soft yet obviously durable, so how do you decide on the materials and colors?

CL: The quality of the fabric is the first and most important selector. Our fabrics have to look great but also withstand daily use without showing any signs of fatigue. Sustainability is also important to us, and the fabric vendors we choose must meet our high standards. Our color choices are driven by trends we see on the streets, in fashion, and in everyday life – colors that are on-trend but also timeless, so that our bags stay stylish season after season.

MM: Typically, do you recommend these bags for people who are traveling and/or backpacking?

SL: Although our bags are designed to meet the needs of parents with young children, they’re also great for travel! The internal divisions, pockets, and pouches make them perfect for packing, and the durability and longevity of our fabrics and constructions make them great for use on the go, from the grocery store to the gym to treks through the jungle!

MM: The zippers on these bags are really strong, how come you decided to make the zippers noticeably stronger than the standard type of zipper?

CL: Our goal is to produce pieces that last – we are not in the business of making disposable items. From our timeless styles to our extra-durable materials – including our unparalleled zippers – our bags are designed to stand the test of time.

MM: Are you planning to design any other items--bags or otherwise--in the near future?

CL: We are constantly on the lookout for innovative materials, the latest trends, and sustainable production processes. Every season parents can expect fashionable new products for themselves and their children.

SL: LÄSSIG has been operating internationally for many years. We’re now available in more than fifty countries worldwide.

MM: How do you plan to expand LASSIG and do you have anything more that you want to discuss?

SL: We are constantly working on to increase the awareness level of our brand. We want to bring our high quality, functionality, and of course our trendy designs to as many customers as possible.

Sustainability is not only an important part of the Lässig philosophy; it is an integral part of the whole company, and we will continue to support and promote both sustainability and responsible manufacturing.