The state of California is waging a war against climate change, but it finds itself in a precarious position as it continues to be targeted by an increase of greenhouse gases that is affecting all walks of life. The climate is hotter and drier while animals are migrating to higher grounds and air conditioning is becoming a necessity. To add to the woes, the spring snowmelt has reduced and it is difficult to meet the demands of water for farms and cities.

Los Angeles Times reports that a study conducted by those who look after the environment in the state has revealed that dangers loom ahead which need to be arrested.

They have cautioned that rising temperatures mean wildfires and rising seas, and the net result is an escalating threat to not only the environment, but also to public health, and economic vitality.

Summary of the findings

The study has taken into account all relevant parameters of climate change which is believed to be due to greenhouse gas. This gas is CO2 which is generated when fossil fuels are burnt, and the weather in California is taking a beating. The people, plants, wildlife and the environment have to bear the brunt of this attack.

One of the observations is that nights are getting hotter in Southern California. Nighttime heat waves have gone up since the 1970s. A second aspect is the heating up of water. The temperature of water in one of the lakes has increased by one degree since 1970, and the extent of warming is showing an upward trend which is a matter of concern.

Another major issue is that of wildfires which are becoming more destructive.

Out of the 20 largest wildfires on record since 1932, more than half have occurred since 2000. This is not a good sign for the health of the environment.

The sea level is also rising. It has risen by 7 inches since 1900 in San Francisco and by 6 inches since 1924 in La Jolla. These pose serious threats to those who live in coastal regions because the rising sea levels could bring in floods and damage the ecosystems.

What is the solution?

According to state environmental officials, the solution lies in reducing carbon emissions not only in California but across the world. The best way to achieve this is to ban fossil fuels that generate CO2 when they burn and harm the environment. The 2015 Paris accord on climate change has raised awareness and many countries have decided to ban vehicles that run on fossil fuels. This has opened up the doors to explore alternate sources of energy.

The bottom line is - fossil fuels must go if the world is to survive. Those companies that depend on them for their income must search out alternate options because it will be for the benefit of our future generations.

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