It is well known that fashion trends recycle themselves. The big aviators that my grandfather wore in the 40s are my favorite trendy glasses. The Sam Smith Adidas sneakers that my mom wore to her first day of school in the 70s can be seen on the feet of every teenage girl.

This Spring, the cycle remains unbroken, as 1980s inspired clothing and accessories graced nearly every runway during fashion week. Take a trip back in time this spring with bright colors, light-wash jeans, fanny packs, pantsuits, and more.

80s, baby

PANTSUITS: Perhaps brought about by politician Hillary Clinton, pantsuits are the biggest trend this spring.

Matching trouser sets were seen on the runways of major brands like Gucci and Dior. While the Gucci versions are often bright and patterned, the Dior looks are more understated and sophisticated.

PUFFY SHOULDERS: That's right, big shoulders are back. Simple, neutral blouses with either huge shoulders or puffy sleeves were seen on the runways of designers like Isabel Marant. These statement pieces can be paired with a pencil skirt (another comeback) or jeans.

SNEAKERS: Back down, pumps, sneakers are here to stay. The athleisure movement of 2016 pushed sneakers, typically reserved for the gym, into the spotlight. This spring, chunky, platform sneakers are in, as are any style of sneaker that is bright white.

Worn with both skirts and ballgowns, sneakers were seen at countless shows, including Louis Vuitton.

FANNY PACKS: Going by the more sophisticated name of 'belt-bags', designers like Balenciaga have brought this trend back to life with their sleek, modern interpretations.

BELTS: Thick, chunky belts are back. Worn over skirts, dresses, even puffer jackets, this trend is here to stay.

BRIGHT COLORS: Bold, bright spring colors were seen everywhere during fashion week, especially with designer Versace. Block patterns containing various neon hues were also popular.

JEANS: Jeans, usually not popular with high-fashion brands, were noticeably present this year. These jeans are straight out of your moms closet from the 80s, with straight legs, high waists, and light/bleached washes.

TUCKED-IN SHIRTS: In both men's and women's fashion, shirts were Tucked In this year. Wear a plain t-shirt or a big blouse tucked into jeans. Add a belt to be super 80s.

PURPLE: Yes, the color purple is trending. The funky, bright hue fits right in with the 80s vibes of the season.