Do you have a Spring Jacket(s) hanging up in your closet ready for the season? Perhaps paired with several coordinated shoe options, such as fitness, upscale-office casual, and evening luxe, for example? If not, now is an excellent time to begin preparing for the shedding of the wool.

Getting caught up with spring 2018 fashion week

If you’re a Fashion Week enthusiast, you may have already spotted and purchased a Spring Jacket or two back in September 2017 in anticipation of the warmer weather that may now already be occurring in your part of the country.

Ideally, this would be a jacket that revitalizes your spring wardrobe, capitalizing on all of your best statements, while keeping you warm and snug in the chilly, unpredictable weather of spring. However, if you are just now awakening from a winter hibernation you're in luck. There are several new trends in outerwear that you may find will brighten up your skies before the sun returns.

What the fashionistas are saying about the spring 2018 jacket

Hyperbeast is currently hailing’s line of 'bold and loud, yet inconspicuous' spring/summer offerings. At Supreme, you'll find a sportier and puffier version of what Elle Magazine describes as the Refined Track Jacket. Elle has been slamming down on its own buzzer for the new, more upbeat, vividly-colored, and lightweight, plaid coats and jackets currently being offered from stores and designers like and Burberry.

These are plaids they say that are plucky enough for Rhianna to wear! Also at Mango is the chopped trench, which Marie Claire suggested, is great for rainy weather and sweater layering.

What about Denim jackets? Denim is still active in the field, though without much of its shredding and 3D crinkles. It's been reborn into the color-vibrant hues of the season, which means, wear a denim jacket, but instead, opt for one of these super flashy Ferrari-red or bright pink numbers, such as those from, for instance.

Also notable was W Magazine's coverage of the spring collections [VIDEO] back in November 2017, and the reported resurgence of the “lowly nylon staple,” which appeared to be reigning supreme, and 'having its moment,' on the catwalks of not only 205W39, but also at Balenciaga, and amazingly, at the legendary house of romance, Valentino.

Of course, many of these revamped parkas go bold with the color electricity of the season, sometimes as blue and pink stand-alones, as many of them looked almost exactly like dresses with their shapely, tapered forms. Apparently, there are a few spring jackets that may be handy to wear on laundry day!