A bus carrying Tourists from a couple of tourist ships met with an accident in Mexico. The accident led to the death of 11 persons on board, including the guide and a child. The bus flipped on its side and landed in the adjacent field as it was on its way to the popular site of the Mayan ruins. The road was narrow and, apart from the dead, another 20 are believed to be injured. Among them are seven Americans and two Swedes who have been sent to nearby hospitals.

The New Zealand Herald reports that most of the passengers were from two cruise ships belonging to the Miami-based Royal Caribbean Cruises.

The ships were the Celebrity Equinox and Serenade of the Seas, and the authorities are trying to establish the identities of those killed.

How it happened

A passenger of the Serenade of Seas, which was one of the cruise ships of the Royal Caribbean, provided a few details. In his opinion, the accident happened soon after 9 AM. He was in a bus that was following the one that flipped over and met with the accident. He had arrived at the scene soon after the accident and noticed swerve marks on the surface of the road which would indicate a possible loss of control of the vehicle.

He added that the weather was clear, the road was dry, and there was no evidence of any crash or collision but, the road was a narrow, two-lane road with no shoulder or guardrail.

The convoy of buses was headed to Chacchoben which is located about 175 kilometers south of Tulum. The bus that met with the accident was loaded with tourists who were going to visit the Mayan ruins, which are a favorite tourist spot in Mexico.

Such accidents are bad for tourism

The US Embassy in Mexico said their officials were trying to ascertain whether the casualties included any American citizens.

Local investigators were working to determine the cause of the crash, while identification of the dead is also in progress.

The bus was owned by the Costa Maya Mahahual, and the route to the Mayan ruins must have been a well-traveled one. In spite of that, the accident happened. The bus company must treat it as a wakeup call and take necessary measures to ensure the safety of its passengers.

They must also exercise utmost caution while detailing the vehicles and drivers for such prestigious journeys.

Tourists visit a country to enjoy a few days of freedom away from the hustle and bustle of life and to take in the new sights and sounds. They love to travel and have to depend on local tour operators to take them to their destinations. They do not want to face accidents of this nature that have an adverse effect on tourists and tourism.