The snow has started to fall, the lights are on the houses, and you know what that means –

What are some tell-tale signs that you take the Christmas season to a whole other level? Here are those hints that show you’re a little more into Christmas than the norm. More specifically, it’s you eggnog-drinking, wreath-hanging, peppermint-smelling individuals who’ve been celebrating since Halloween. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Merry pun-mas

You’ll take any excuse to start speaking in Christmas lingo, and it is Mistleto-tally awesome. Although not everybody will accept your holly jolly language right away, you choose to shine brighter than Rudolph’s nose. Do they have too much coal in their stocking? Perhaps a nothing rein-beer is in order? Maybe, or they’re just jealous that your holiday slang is on point-setta.

Martha Stewart who?

Here’s an aspect of your OCD (obsessive Christmas disorder) that everyone can enjoy! The Christmas season means people visiting, and if people are visiting, you know you need to supply those holiday treats. Normal cookies and cakes? Boring! You prefer them shaped like Santa hats, reindeer, and Christmas trees.

Oh, and no one has to worry about the Gingerbread men – you’ve got that covered! Pinterest is your best friend around this time of year, and no amount of red and green food coloring could ever suffice.

Extra bonus points if it’s peppermint flavored and/or contains candy canes.

Christmas and chill

Whether it’s printing out the ABC Spark Countdown to Christmas schedule or PVR-ing all "Home Alone" movies (yes, even the third one), there is nothing better than getting cozy and watching a Christmas movie. And those claymation holiday movies?

Instant tears! Why wait until December to watch the movie about Charlie Brown’s sad Christmas tree? You’ve been preparing since November!

A warm blanket, hot cocoa, and holiday cheer is an ideal night for you. It doesn’t matter how many times you watch Love Actually, Mark’s scene at the door will always have a place in your heart.

One thing we’re all thankful for is online streaming websites. Otherwise, you’d have to wait until after Thanksgiving to start watching your favorite Christmas-themed episodes.

You’ve made a list (and you’ve checked it twice)

Let’s be honest, even the most cynical Grinch secretly loves having this friend around. They may not seem like it, but they’re grateful that you’ve been shopping since September. And those Black Friday deals you’ve got? Impressive! When Christmas shopping has become an Olympic Sport, you know your present will be the best – and all that thinking ahead was worth it.

Your playlist is purely Christmas cheer

A major complaint about the holidays is how early Christmas music starts playing. Radio channels and shopping malls have been playing Mariah Carey on repeat, but you see nothing wrong with that. In fact, you take it one step further – you’ve been listening since October! Whether it’s Jingle Bells or Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” album, your playlist has got all of the music, and you’re ready for Christmas parties!

You’re a freestyle Wrapper

While we enjoy seeing the smiles on our loved one's faces when opening their gift, wrapping is another story… Unless you’re one of those people talented in the art of present wrapping.

You have a closet of festive wrapping paper already, and you aren’t afraid to use it. You’ve got the ribbons, the bows, the twine- the whole nine yards.

Your gift is the one that is wrapped so perfectly that they almost don’t want to open it… almost.

Extra bonus points if the wrapping paper is themed on the person you’re wrapping for.

You DECK your halls

Admit it – you’ve had Christmas lights in your bushes before Thanksgiving. As soon as the trick and treaters are gone, you ran to Hallmark to get this year's ornaments. Your tree is out and your living room already smells like pine.

Multiple Christmas village arrangements are on display, and the amount of candles on your tables is almost criminal. Even your bed is screaming Christmas cheer – now you can snuggle up to red and green blankets. Oh, and Christmas pillows, of course!

Your house is the place to be this Christmas because it’s a certified Grizwald.

Dreaming of a white Christmas

During childhood, snow is magical. It’s fun to play with and it means you can build a snowman! As an adult, it becomes much more inconvenient. The commute to work is longer, and let’s be real, shoveling is awful. You, however, still see the magic – you actually look forward to the snow! It’s not Christmas until there’s at least a foot of snow on the ground, and while others are complaining, you’re wishing there was more.

No such thing as an ugly Christmas sweater

Let’s face it: an ugly Christmas sweater party looks like your entire closet. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love that “Hot Line Bling/Sleigh Bells Rings” Christmas sweater? Christmas sweaters have become more of an art form, and you’ve been waiting all year to break them out. The more tinsel = the better. People dedicate a whole party to these sweaters, but really, it’s just your everyday December attire. You love the puns and the flashing red noses. Oh – and no worries, you’ve got sweaters for your loved ones, as well!

Extra points if you attach a bow to your head.

Spreading holiday cheer

Christmas is a time to celebrate with family and friends, and that’s exactly what you do. Your workstation is decked out, your house is the brightest on the block, and your dessert station is stacked with Christmas goodies. Even your pet knows how much the holiday means to you since they’re stuck wearing that little Santa costume all season.

As the Elf movie says (Your Christmas Bible): "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear."

You fill everybody around you with Christmas cheer, and they thank you for it! You turn those bah humbugs into Christmas elves, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

Merry Christmas!