Christmas is fast approaching, and everyone is obviously excited and happy… for kids perhaps and not for mom and dad. Planning ahead of the holidays is a bit stressful and should think of ways on how to overcome it.

Stress increases heart conditions during holidays

Thinking all of the preparations, decorating, and cooking is already stressful, don’t you think? Studies have confirmed that during the festivities, more and more people suffer from heart attacks while others die in connection with heart diseases. Stress is also a big factor along with a fatty diet, and excess drinking of alcohol.

But don’t worry, you can still enjoy the holidays with friends and families. Here are some stress-busting tips for a merry and worry-free Christmas.

Christmas stress-busting tips

First, we need to prioritize what are the things that we need to buy. In 2004, the American Psychological Association (APA) ran a survey. The latest information gathered in its yearly Stress in America survey proved that financial issues are one of the major reasons for stress during the holiday seasons and 62 percent of us perceived stress about finance.

We need to set a budget and double check that we are not overspending. It doesn’t matter how small, big, or how expensive the gift is. Avoid impulsive buying and always remember it’s the thought that counts.

Second, we have to watch over expectations. Granted that Christmas only comes once in a year doesn’t mean that we should be too generous especially if we don’t have the means. Teach our children to be realistic and ask them not to expect too much especially when it comes to their wants.

Third, let your eyes feast on the food and not your mouth.

Eating too much could only promote weight gain due to extreme stress. It will only raise your urge to eat more sugary and foods rich in fat, and too much drinking could aggravate stress by increasing the stress hormone cortisol levels, Medical News Today reports.

Fourth, you need to have some fun. According to Patricia Preston-Roberts, a board-certified music therapist in New York City, singing could decrease the heart rate and blood pressure.

It delivers endorphins that could lessen stress levels. According to her, music helps a lot of her patients with psychological and physiological conditions.

Singing could hinder pain from journeying in the body. You can also dance while singing for a better performance and burn those unwanted calories.

Fifth, since it is Christmas, it would be best to set aside family feuds and indifference. It’s the time for forgiving and forgetting and to start anew. Visiting old and new relatives and friends would be so much fun as you get to know their family traditions.