It's no secret that Millennials tend to have a hard time finding houses to buy. Many of us have already decided that we'll be living in apartments for the rest of our lives unless we somehow strike it rich. However, there are several cities all over the United States that have become rather appealing to millennials, based on location and housing prices. So, where are these mysterious, affordable houses?

A look at these towns

Athens, Ohio offers affordable living in a decent location. The town is just over an hour away from Columbus and is home to Ohio University.

The convenient location and college access is perfect for millennials. Since Ohio is in the Midwest, it offers a pretty central location for those who wish to travel as well. Hopefully the lower Cost Of Living can help millennials save up for their traveling expenses.

Aberdeen, South Dakota has a plethora of resources for millennials to take advantage of. It's in a rather central location when compared to bigger cities, 3 hours north and 3 hours south. It's also home to Northern State University and offers jobs at a new soybean plant. This is also the perfect town for millennials who would rather be a bit more isolated than stuck in the middle of things.

The town of Odessa, Texas has seen it all.

They had a bit of a rough spot when the oil prices fell, but things are looking up again and the economy is recovering. This town is appealing to millennials who are used to the South and looking for work. There are a plethora of jobs available in this oil town, and millennials are ready to take them.

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Why we're moving in the first place

A lot of people can't understand why millennials are moving into such odd places, such as the towns listed above. A lot of it has to do with money. These places have a much lower cost of living than most towns and cities, particularly those located along the coast. Not only do the houses cost less, but it's easier to save money in places where the cost of living is lower.

Being able to find these places in such a variety of states is convenient, as it means that people don't have to move too far away from their families and they have many different environments to choose from.

While many of us ache to live in large cities, the reality is that it isn't affordable. It makes it impossible to save money to invest in houses or even the smallest of luxury items. Living a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle isn't preferred by any working person. We need time to ourselves and definitely deserve it. So, unless some big economical changes occur, millennials will stick to living in these more affordable towns.