Designer Rita Vinieris showcased her stunning Alyne & Rivini Fall/Winter 2018 Bridal collection to a standing room only crowd at TMPL on West 49th Street in New York City. The 36 diverse looks encompassed a relaxed, yet sensual couture ease. Cropped tops and bell-bottoms were interspersed with satin embroidered ball gowns, and athletic ready-to-wear creations, complete with visors and sunglasses.

Fall/Winter 2018 Bridal Collection

The line is a reflection of what the modern bride-to-be is looking for on her special day. Designer Rita Vinieris shared her inspiration for the collection with me before the show.

“This line is inspired from active-wear and Ready To Wear. Today’s busy bride is looking for individuality pieces that are not typical wedding dresses. She wants to create new traditions, and wear a dress that is an extension of herself.”

Untraditional bridal dresses

There were plenty of individual pieces, including a maxi wrap halter top with slit flare pants, and a satin necktie embroidered lace maxi shift dress with boy shorts worn with a Goat hair jacket. More traditional looks included satin organza gowns accented with hand-applied embroidered lace, full beaded lace sheaths, a lace ball gown with ostrich feather cuffs, and a cascading ostrich feather skirt. Ok, so that one qualifies for the "not your traditional wedding dress" look.

Other stand-outs included a hand-applied layered 3D lace gown with a body sculpting corset and a royal corset blue ball gown with transcendent floral beading. At the other extreme were sporty jersey dresses with lace and sequin accents. They included numbers on the back to replicate sports jerseys.

Your body is your temple

Vinieris also used a mix of luxurious modern fabrics that sculpt the body with active-wear accents for the multi-faceted modern woman.

And, she offered some modern words of wisdom for brides-to-be.

“Start by re-centering yourself and remember your body is your temple. Your wedding is about you, even though you will have lots of people trying to influence and change you. Stick to your gut, sit back, relax and enjoy the day. It is about the moment, not all the fine details.”

So, ladies, whether you prefer to walk down the aisle wearing old-world romantic flowing ball gowns, modern day silhouettes, or shorts and a funky beaded bandeau, dress to impress yourself on your wedding day. Your dress is an extension of your unique self.