We are living at a time when we're being so assured that our diet should be balanced and actually simple. So how many people actually follow those "food trends" and what are they?

Last year we talked a lot about smoothies, healthy juices, detoxification as a mandatory regime of healthy eating. Since last year we have somehow left it to give priority to dishes that will remind us of a junk food, but in a healthier variant. We fell in love with a crispy pizza crust made of cauliflower, chips and ordinary toast with avocados. Then we started to fall in love with those beautiful Instagram specialties in rainbow colors.

Diet changes

But did this year bring us something new in modern diet trends? Judging by Jacquie Marsh, Irish Butler's Pantry expert, some changes have definitely been spotted this year. And thanks to social networks, trends are spreading fast and reaching every corner of the world.

And according to Jacquie Marsh, 2017 will mark the trend of "returning to basics."

"I think there is a renewed interest in nourished food, which is mostly used in high-quality foods. People are trying to move away from processed foods produced in factories that are full of additives and preservatives because they know that such foods are not good for their health. So, basic foods diet has become very important, and when you see how many different foods you can get, it's clear that the trend has been growing and growing.

If there is anything to describe this trend, I think it would be best to call it " return to basics," she said.

More education in diet trends

We see people becoming more and more educated and as consumers are languishingly looking for dishes that will know their exact origin, and although this is not really news - it seems that people have decided to cook more and buy their food from the local market.

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People want to know where their food is coming from, and they certainly want to boost the viability of the economy so they can still enjoy the high quality of that type of food.

Bulgur, jellyfish, and lobsters are just some of the new-old foods that are more represented on our tables and adapted to modern trends. These are the basics we are coming back to because we finally realized that the world offers us an abundance of that which is much better than processed food and almost as easy to use. So be modern and discover yourself a bunch of new foods that are so viable in a healthy, balanced diet.