Ever wonder about what it would be like to travel the world and make a living off of it? Some of these Instagram folk have the ability to do two things they are most passionate about, while making a buck or two: Adventure Travel and photography, giving us proof that they have way better lives than us. Check out some of the top adventure travel influencers on Instagram that will give you major #travelinspo for your next adventure:

1. Chris Burkard


Chris displays some of the most beautiful landscapes all around the world, while advocating for the conservation and protection of endangered lands.

It is inexplicable that he has a raw talent for photography and he actively seeks out exotic destinations for his next major project.

2. Project.Vanlife


While not an individual, Project Vanlife is an account that highlights the growing popularity of in-country exploration. We all aspire to be hippies and nomads, traveling around in a decked out camper van and exploring the scenic places that the USA has to offer.

3. Jay Alvarrez


You have to admit, some of the stunts that Jay does are absolutely crazy, but also awe-inspiring.

His account is a must-follow if you are an adrenaline junkie who is up for any extreme adventure.

4. Jack Morris


Do You Travel has one of the best adventure travel Instagram accounts. He is always on the road, seeking out interesting spots to capture and enjoy.

5. Lauren Bullen


Lauren really does live the life, basking in the glory of being @doyoutravel’s girlfriend and basically having a built-in photographer everywhere she goes. You will for sure be getting all the wanderlust feels from her.

6. Hailey Marie


Hailey is a sweet homegrown girl that posts about exploring the places near you and really appreciating the little things in life. Not only does she get you excited about going on fun little adventures, but she also reps one of the coolest brands, Pura Vida Bracelets!

7. Swedish Nomad


Swedish Nomad will evoke a sense of nostalgia with his photographs, as they make you feel as if you have stepped back in time into a fairytale.

He also posts really wacky and cool sites, so follow along to explore the world through his lens.

8. The Blonde Abroad


The Blonde Abroad is a seasoned adventure travel veteran and has so many #travelinspo destinations to keep you busy scrolling through her feed! She has gone to some pretty off the grid places, so make sure to give her a follow!