It was all about California dreaming for designer Tadashi Shoshi’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection at New York Fashion Week. He debuted his 'Malibu-Esque' looks to the vibes of, yes, you guessed it, The Beach Boys. It took place under the Skylight at Clarkson Square in New York City to a standing room only crowd, sans the surfboards and string bikinis. The masses were in a relaxed, chill California state of mind.

Tadashi Shoji debuts at New York Fashion Week

Models cruised down the runway in billowy, off the shoulder peasant dresses, a nod to the 1970s, as well as the beaches of Malibu.

I caught up with the designer backstage before his show. “My collection is about the freedom and mystique of a Southern California beach from sunrise to sunset, and I included the vibrant colors of the sky. You will see a lot of red, rose, jade, yellow and blue. And, I loved the 1970s bohemian styles and incorporated that look into the collection as well.”

Floral prints also dominated the runway, as well lace and exquisite embroidery treatments.

Designer Frederick Anderson channels the ‘70s

The 1970s also inspired fashion veteran and designer Frederick Anderson. His Spring Collection, African – American, pays homage to the earthy sexiness of the ‘70s and was juxtaposed with inspiration from his African travels.

Red was the dominant color in the show, which reflects the spirit of the vitality, wealth, and aggression of the continent.

Activewear ruled the runway as well. I chatted with Anderson about the type of women he designs for. “I decided to move the athletic and sportswear concept into a more refined look but keeping an edge, as women are in a more relaxed place now and are comfortable dressing in ways that work for them as individuals.

Today’s women know how to figure it out.”

Those 1970s mainstays, tank tops were transformed with lace and paired with crepe and sheer ribbed joggers, and bomber jackets were matched up with lace tops and box pleated skirts.

There was also plenty of sheer lace outfits, tweeds, and fringe. The quintessential ‘70s look, and my favorite was a pleated, sheer gold lame halter top and matching palazzo pants.

I asked Frederick to sum up his collection. “Chic, individual active couture.” I think he nailed it!

“Style is your conversation with the world, so have something to say…” - Frederick Anderson

Custo Barcelona runway showcases activewear

Over at the Custo Barcelona show, activewear dominated the Spring/Summer Collection. It featured a blending of technological and traditional materials.

Call Me Tomorrow 2018 was inspired by the hip-hop movement and its strong street spirit, energy and vitality. The looks included tracksuits, hoodies and bomber jackets, as well as dresses with radical asymmetries and detailed hemlines.

The color palette incorporated fuchsia, sky blue, yellow, turquoise, orange and eggplant that was interspersed with iridescent shimmers of gold, silver, and copper.

New York Fashion Week runs through Sept. 14, 2017, at Skylight Clarkson Square and various other venues in New York City.