Homecoming is one of the most important dances in your high school career. When you are older, you are going to want to look back fondly, rather than thinking "Did I really pick that dress?" It can be difficult to find a dress that both flatters you, looks cute, and is easy to dance in. Coming up with the perfect dress in your head is difficult, let alone finding it in stores. If your first dance of the school year is coming closer and you still have no dress, keep reading.

Look online for dress inspiration

Before you even think about going shopping for your dress, you should check online for some dress inspirations to pick from.

You can look on Pinterest, Instagram, Google, or even check department stores like Macy's, JCPenney, and Nordstrom. If you have an idea of what type of homecoming dress you would like, then it will make the whole shopping experience a lot more pain-free.

Go to a store to look at dresses

This step can be optional if you have less than two weeks until homecoming. I would recommend that you go to the mall with friends, look at the selection, and try on a few dresses. That way, when you are purchasing your dress, you can spend more time trying on, rather than browsing. This could also help you get a better idea of what type of formal attire looks great on your body-type, and which color flatters you the best.

Pick out a dress that is perfect for you

We have all been there; where your friends tell you a dress looks great on you, even though it isn't your favorite. In a case like this, you should find a dress that you love, not just one that your friends like. Make sure to also keep in mind hairstyling, makeup, shoes, handbags, and jewelry when picking out a dress.

If you are trying to save money, it could be best to find a dress that matches accessories you already own. But if you have no accessories that match your dress, keep an eye out for anything that goes with the color and style of your choice. You may also want to ensure that your selection fits your school dress code, and you can dance in it.

Take pictures of yourself in your dress

This is optional, but it could really help you figure out what the dress will look like photographed. Assuming you are taking pictures with your group or date before or after the homecoming dance, you will definitely want a dress that looks just as cute in pictures, and it does in real life.

Purchase your dress

Once you have finally found the perfect dress for you, make sure to purchase it before somebody else who is going to your homecoming dance does. If it's reasonably priced and you have the money for it, you could purchase it yourself. This could show your parents that you are responsible and are growing up. But, if your parents offer to pay, you could still let them.

Slay in your dress at the dance

Get ready for homecoming - one of the most important nights of your high-school life. You don't need to care what others think; just be yourself and wear your dress with pride.