As a twenty-something year old in school, I cannot imagine solely being able to take care of myself without the amount of stress and anxiety that replays each month as bills approach, as groceries need to be purchased, as gas tanks need to be filled, and as due dates approach. But yet, it is the thing I desire most- to be so fiercely independent I do not need anyone else.

"Do you realize how important it is to be independent? To be able to take care of yourself? To not rely on someone else for the most basic needs?

And to not get so damn attached to stuff that you'd rather demean yourself than live without it?" -Alyson Noel

Women now are waiting to get married or waiting to consider it.

They're prioritizing things like being financially secure and getting an education before approaching the lengthy process of finding that ideal mate. Have we finally come to our senses that we do not need men? Or at least we do not need them until a later period in our lives when we can take care of ourselves when all we are really looking for is companionship?

Current marriage rates are around 70%, which is a significant drop compared to Generation X's at 82%.

Is marriage just that outdated that the number of people wanting it is dropping like flies?

Common traditions typically associated with marriage, like asking for a father's permission as if he owns his daughter and a woman being sent off to a man as if she belongs to him, seem to be things of the past as women now, more so than ever, are rejecting the ideals that they are less than a man. But are we also rejecting the entire institution of marriage and choosing ourselves and maybe companionship instead?

We, as millennial women, are becoming less and less interested in the idea of finding a man to be the head of the household and signing a government document to our commitment to one another. Instead, we are choosing to further our education, stand on our own two feet as financially stable independent women, and have a voice. And then, some of us, if it is what we desire, are choosing to pursue companionship later on in our lives.

There's something to be said for the badass women that are choosing to prioritize bettering themselves instead of pursuing outdated traditions of marriage. The benefits of undoubtedly being able to take care of yourself far outweigh the benefits of marriage. Not choosing it and choosing to wait are so in.

"There is no boy cute enough or interesting enough to stop you from getting your education." -Michelle Obama