A woman who had been missing for the past month has been found and she reveals an extraordinary story of how she survived the Alabama wilderness on her own. All the time she ate berries and mushrooms from the woods. The woman revealed that she had run into the forest to escape two men who were intent on burglarizing a mountain cabin.

The story behind the disappearance of the woman

25-year old Lisa Theris had been missing since July 23 and was found when she emerged from the woods in the Bullock County on Highway 82 on Saturday, August 12. A motorist passing through that stretch of the highway spotted her and rescued her.

The Sheriff's department confirmed that the woman had been found after more than 20 days, and in that time she had survived on the water in the brook and berries and mushrooms in the woods.

Theris reported that she was with two men at the time she ran away. According to ABC, she cannot recall everything about the men, but Police have said that when she discovered they were allegedly planning on burglarizing a mountain cabin she escaped and ran into the woods. Being unaware of the area and in the complete darkness of the night, she was lost and could not find her way back to civilization. In addition to this, ABC reported that she is 'legally blind.' The two men involved in the robbery have since been arrested.

Judy Garner, the woman who spotted Theris on the highway on Saturday said that she mistook the shape in front of her vehicle as a deer at first but when she approached closer, she found a naked girl. Garner revealed that she was scared and shaking and slowly approached Theris to ask her to wait while she called up emergency services.

She feels that Theris would not have survived much longer if she stayed in the woods.

What happened to Theris?

When she was brought to the hospital, doctors said that she was covered in scratches and bug bites. She has also lost almost 50 pounds of her body weight after staying in the woods. She has since been released from the hospital and is now staying in her parents' home in Louisville, Alabama.

Her brother Will, revealed that she was in severe pain. However, she also shows signs of recovering.

Will also said that his sister had eaten a slice of pizza on the second day after her arrival. He also added that she was in a critical condition when she first arrived at the hospital. Doctors have said that it will take some time for her to recover completely. For the time being she is physically quite weak. However, all of them agree that Theris's will to survive is what kept her alive in the woods and is a testament to her courage.

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