Hailed as the number one Cognac in the world, Hennessy has created a tradition of combining the arts with their iconic bottles. The Hennessy Bottle is as recognizable as anything one can think of, and for 7 years, Hennessy has allowed some of the top artists in the world to use their bottle as their canvas. The Hennessy VS silhouette can be seen in bars, clubs, and restaurants. It’s the most mentioned brand in Hip Hop, and it’s a drink that most look to for celebratory events. For an artist to be given this opportunity, it's more than an honor, it’s a rite of passage that only 6 other artist can claim.

The tradition of Hennessy's limited edition bottle

It all started in 2010, with KAWS, then Futura, Os Gêmeos, Shepard Fairey, Ryan McGinness, and recently, Scott Campbell -- a celebrity tattoo artist who designed the 2016 bottle. Each artist was given creative control to transform the Hennessy VS bottle into what they deemed a masterpiece. The latest effort is by NYC’s own Jon One. Born John Andrew Perello in Harlem NYC in 1963, JonOne is an icon among urban street artists. The 7th bottle in the Hennessy Limited Edition series showcases Jon One’s own positive energy that comes through in his use of colors, like a rainbow. Jon One’s style uses a lot of paint: splashes and drips of color with freestyle brushstrokes.

Who is JonOne?

This Dominican-American taught himself how to paint, Jon got into graffiti at the age of 17. He fell in love with the level of expression, and he would leave his mark by tagging “Jon156” everywhere in the streets of Harlem, NYC. John’s history began in 1984 with his graffiti crew 156 All Starz. In 1987 he made his pilgrimage to Paris where he became one of the leaders in the street art movement.

In his 30+ years in the French art scene, Jon has been featured in numerous shows, and has set records at auctions for his graffiti art sold in France. His accomplishments have stretched throughout several solo exhibitions in France, Israel, and the United States.

Where to find the 2017 Hennessy VS limited edition bottle

The Limited Edition JonOne bottle is available as part of a special deluxe gift, which features a 1.75L bottle decorated with JonOne’s iconic tag and Hennessy iconography.

The Hennessy V.S limited edition bottle is approximately $35.00 for a 750ml. The limited edition bottle can be found in your local liquor store, alternatively, customers can visit the official Hennessy website as well.