Disneyland theme parks around the world offer a “Princess For A Day” experience to girls who can dress up as princesses as they roam around the vicinity. Unfortunately for a three-year-old boy in France, his wish to become a princess for one day has to wait.

The Paris location of Disneyland has refused to grant a little boy permission to take part in the “Princess For A Day” experience offered by the theme park, E! News reported. Noah has been a fan of Elsa’s character from the hit animated film, “Frozen,” his mother Hayley McLean-Glass shared.

McLean-Glass told E! News that she immediately wrote to Disney, and asked them if they can treat her son at the “Princess For A Day” as an early holiday present. The theme park usually provides little girls a one-of-a-kind fairy tale experience.

'Because he’s a boy'

Disneyland Paris responded to her letter, and denied the request “because Noah is a boy,” the report added. After this, the mother wrote a post in her blog “Sparkles and Stretch Marks,” where she attached adorable photos of her son dressed up in a princess costume.

McLean-Glass argued if the same rules would apply for boys-only activities in the theme park. She added that if a little girl wishes to become a superhero or a Star Wars Jedi for a day, she can always be.

“I say introduce because there is not anything that is just for boys as this would never be allowed. A girl can be whatever she wants,” the mother of Noah wrote. She pointed out that even Disneyland celebrates diversity in its pride events held every October.


Itv News, a partner of NBC News, produced a video report about this incident. The video said Noah’s family felt he is being discriminated against by the theme park due to his gender, and wondered why the company would take such a stand.

She told ITV News how angry she was, and how literally she could not stop shaking for around an hour after receiving the email that denied her son’s participation.

She further added that if she is alright with him wearing such princess clothes, Disney could not tell her that her son is not allowed for the experience.

Disneyland Paris has apologized to his family and issued a statement. The theme park told ITV News that it was an isolated incident, and the response of their single employee does not reflect the policy or the views held in the theme park. They added that they are going to make sure the incident will not happen again and that both boys and girls are welcome for the “Princess For A Day” promo.

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