All jobs have more or less stressful aspects and workers are exposed to different challenging situations. Long Working Hours, little control, deadlines, meetings, physical labor etc. all contribute to stress levels in workers. This may or may not result in depression but workers from some Careers are particularly prone to depressive episodes.

Food service staff

Dealing with people can be really tiring and the staff from this field know it well. Low income and long working hours are only some of the aspects that make this job likely to cause depression.

Those people are always told what to do, they are most often in a rush and rude customers make it all much worse. Since many places with food service employ the policy ‘The customer is always right’, those workers often get blamed for something they didn’t even do and face different consequences. Together with physical exertion, stress causes the lack of energy and motivation and it can all lead to depression. Salespeople go into this category as well.

Child-care/nursing home workers

People who provide personal care could be put on top of this list as many of them reported episodes of major depression. Everyday tasks include things like bathing and feeding and those who you take care of are often too old and sick or too young and incapable of showing their gratitude, which makes the job even more discouraging.

There is not much positive reinforcement to keep the workers from this field motivated.

Health care workers

Long, irregular hours and having someone else’s life in your hands is not something everyone can take. Sure, this is a very noble career but dealing with sickness, trauma, and death on everyday basis takes its toll. It can change the complete outlook of a person and make them see the world differently, because of constantly dealing with sad things.

Some patients would say Health Care Workers are mostly rude and reserved but it’s probably their career that made them like that, putting emotions aside and just doing the job.

Social workers

They most often deal with really needy people; abused children, families in crisis and bureaucratic red tape. It’s hard to stay emotionally distant when you’re the one who needs to listen to those stories and decide on the best way to handle the situation.

People they deal with are often problematic and can take it all out on social workers. The stress in this one is major. A similar thing can happen to lawyers.


Some people consider teaching one of the easiest jobs because they only see ‘’short’’ working hours and ‘’long’’ vacations. However, many are not aware of all the paper work that comes with it so that teachers take their work home almost every day. Not to mention that the situation has changed a lot nowadays so teachers don’t get as much respect as before and parents tend to interfere and blame teachers for their children’s wrongdoings.

Financial advisors and accountants

Handling money for other people is definitely not an easy task.

Those people have no control of the market, clients lose money on an everyday basis and can blame the staff for that, if not educated enough. Administrative support staff face similar problems, they have low control and high demands from others. They get orders from all directions and often face criticism from customers who don’t know those people really don’t call the shots.

While all people should pursue a career that they see fit, they should be aware of the stress that comes with it. Try preparing in advance by finding some methods to beat it so it doesn't evolve into a depression. A happy worker is a good worker.