The Guardian recently reported that the house where United States president Donald Trump grew up is being offered for rent via Airbnb.

Airbnb is an online application that lists various houses, spaces, camps and villas around the world. These spaces are made available for tourists to rent when they are on vacation.

One of the most recent homes that the application features is Donald Trump’s childhood home in Queens, The Guardian added. According to the article, this is the property where the president spent the first four years of his childhood.

Airbnb reportedly offers the childhood home for rent from around $725 a night, when booked via the online application. It lists the property as “President 45’s Childhood Home.” It is located in the borough of Queens in New York City.

Five-bedroom house

President 45’s Childhood Home” is listed on the platform with the photo of Trump in the living room, wearing his signature suit and red tie.

The website described the offering as the house where Donald spent the first four years of childhood with parents Fred and Mary Trump in the 1940s.

The house, according to Airbnb, was built by his father.

The president’s childhood space is equipped with five bedrooms, around three bathrooms, two sofa beds, and also has 14 beds and an additional two sofas, The Guardian added. It stated that renting the house in Queens can be a great opportunity to sleep and stay inside the former home of the country’s leader.

One of the bedrooms was where baby Donald Trump was born.

It also has a space for meetings, conferences and conventions for a larger number of guests, according to the article.

It has been reported that this residence was sold for around $2 million earlier this year by a Real Estate Developer who got it for $1.3 million in 2016. The Guardian noted that it was then sold to a Chinese woman, through limited liability. Now, it is being rented through Airbnb.

Also a tourist spot

The area also has magazines where Trump was the cover image, as well as pop arts featuring the portraits of the president, the article reported. The house reportedly became unkempt since it was bought by a real estate developer, so it was listed on the website in order to become available to the public.

Tourists came in, as well as the media even before it was rented out. It has been reported that some tourists even trespassed, entered without permission and began taking photos.

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