Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado attracts vacationers in large numbers but, a Wildfire has suddenly disturbed their plans because they had to be evacuated to safety. The ski resort is situated in the historic town of Breckenridge which, once, used to be a gold-mining camp and is replete with 19th-century Victorian buildings. firefighters are trying to ensure that these buildings do not suffer damages.

The Colorado wildfire

New Zealand Herald reports that this wildfire is not the only in Colorado but one of several in the state and in other regions in the West.

The fire in the vicinity of Breckenridge has not burnt any homes and the base of the resort, which accommodates hotels, restaurants and businesses, is apparently not affected. Hence, there was no evacuation from this area.

Firefighters have dropped firefighting slurry from the air and built containment lines on the ground to check the spread of the fire so that it does reach the properties of the ski resort. The smoke from the blaze could be seen from a distance and locals were cautioned to be ready to leave if the situation deteriorates.

One of the vacationers lamented that she had expected this to be a stress-relieving vacation for her but, it did not work out that way.

Reasons for wildfires

The number of such fires is on the increase and the authorities are worried because these are reported from different areas. Apart from the ones in Colorado, there was a grass and brush fire in Washington State that affected portions of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

It was not perceived as a threat to the nuclear facilities.

In North Nevada, winds shifted the direction of a wildfire and led to damages on a nearby property. People in the vicinity have been asked to evacuate to safety from the fire raging through the grass and brush.

Arizona also faced the fury. Summerhaven on top of Mount Lemmon is a summer retreat and the people here were moved out following a wildfire that destroyed nearly 100 sq.

kilometers in the mountains and foothills surrounding Tucson.

The situation is one of concern. These can originate from several sources and there could be involvement of human elements like carelessness in not dousing a camp fire or discarding a smoldering cigarette butt in the bushes. However, there is also the possibility of them starting from natural causes like lightning strikes or from friction between dry branches of the trees.

This can also be the direct outcome of global warming since vegetation dries up due to the increase of atmospheric temperatures. Firefighters possess equipment to tackle the fires but, unless these are prevented, the trees would be transformed to charred stumps and the greenery all around would gradually disappear and leave behind only wilderness.

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