Anybody who knows anything about President Donald Trump knows that he Tweets more than the average person. He has been described as a prolific tweeter. Since he tweets so much, a research team decided to conduct a study on his tweets to get some insights about his personality based on what he posts.

Research team

The research team was made up of individuals from two colleges thousands of miles apart. Experts from the Australia's Queensland University of Technology and Germany's Trier University studied Trump's tweets to make their assessment.

They analyzed the pre-presidential Twitter activity and compared it to his present-day activity. Then Trump's activity was compared to 105 other influential people who are not politicians.

What Trump's tweets show

Thousands of Trump's tweets were studied. The research team concluded that people who write the type of tweets that Trump writes show strong characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. They have the ability to be creative, demand change, become competitive, and they don't mind breaking rules.

The study also shows that a person who tweets the way Trump does has neurotic tendencies with an inferiority complex, and the person will do everything to cover up his shortcomings.

The team also concluded that someone who tweets in the style of Trump has great leadership skills in business but not in the political arena where it is important to have people on his team. In other words, while Trump's tweeting could help him immensely in running a business, it is failing him in running the country.

The research team noticed that the president relies too much on Twitter to get his point across when a face-to-face meeting would be more advantageous. For example, he recently tweeted that transgenders are banned from the military. People found out about the decision through a tweet instead of from a more professional way.

According to Newsweek on Saturday, July 29, Donald Trump is a terrible president based on his tweets.

Trump said in the past that Twitter helped him win the presidency. That's why he relies so much on it now.

Twitter's acknowledgment

Groups have asked Twitter to ban Trump from posting tweets that harass. For instance, he posted a mock video of him body slamming a man with a CNN logo covering his face. Some saw it as a threat against journalists. Twitter knows President Trump is breaking the rules when it comes to policies on its site about harassment. The average person will get banned. However, the social media site has said it will not ban the president even though the company is well aware that he uses tweets to bully.

It is sad to say, but Twitter is getting business from Trump's tweets because they are almost always in the news. That has provoked people to sign up just to read Trump's next tweets.

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