A mother in the United Kingdom refused to allow her 10-year-old son to accept a perfect attendance Award the school offered to give him along with an evening at a local play center. Rachel Wright of Essex, England, posted four reasons on Facebook that received mixed opinions.

Reasons not to accepting the award

First of all, Wright said her family does not accept rewards for being lucky. She considered that her son was lucky because he didn't get sick at all during the school yet. She added that he did not have a fever or a cold.

He did not have an accident, and he doesn't have a chronic illness. Wright concludes it was all because of luck that he had perfect attendance.

Secondly, the mother says perfect attendance can demean those who are weak. She indicates that her family is not ashamed of sickness or weakness. She added that in her household everyone is equal who look out for one another.

Thirdly, Wright indicated that her son had no control over his perfect attendance. Therefore, he shouldn't receive an award for it.

She said she is the one who got him ready for school and took him there every day. Since it was her decision to keep him in school, Wright contends that if anyone should get the award, it should be her and not her son.

Finally, the mother promised to take her son out of school for five days at the end of next year's school term to avoid this happening again. She insinuated that during the last few days of school, there is not much teaching anyway because students have class parties, watch movies and play games.

Mother's belief

The mother believes rewarding students for perfect attendance sends the wrong message to the kids who receive the award. She suggests that the school should be teaching the students to look out for each other, especially those who are sick. She suggested that instead of rewarding those with perfect attendance, schools should be helping those who missed days because of illnesses.

Reactions to mother's decision

Wright's post on Facebook received many comments from parents and teachers. The mother told HuffPost that she was surprised that so many people responded with their opinions. Many of them agreed with her, and some did not. The mother said she is glad she made her decision known because she believes others have been thinking the same thing.

Wright told HuffPost that she will take her son to the play center with other kids from his school whether they received a Perfect Attendance Award or not.

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