Jorge Cruise is a celebrity personal trainer and health coach who turned his talents to writing and was subsequently named a New York Times bestselling Author. Jorge's new book, “The 3 Choices,” tells readers how to achieve happiness, health, wellness, and success simply by making good choices.

Jorge has spent more than twenty years working in the transformation industry with Stars such as Oprah Winfrey, Khloe Kardashian and Steve Harvey and these experiences partly inspired him to write “The 3 Choices” which aims to transform pain into power, largely by using self-love techniques.

In a recent exclusive Interview, Jorge discussed his book, his career, and more.

Health, wellness, and finding oneself

Meagan Meehan (MM): You're a famed wellness coach, so how did you find your career path and how did you initiate your extreme success?

Jorge Cruise (JC): Twenty years ago, Oprah’s endorsement of my path launched me into a new and exciting realm. At that time, my wife introduced me to Tony Robbins and he sparked a fire and passion inside me and has been my mentor ever since. With his encouragement, I realized I could make a difference and stand for health and wellness.

MM: When did you first get interested in becoming an author and what was the process of finding a publisher like?

JC: I wanted to reach out to more clients and make a meaningful impact on the health of our country. Even after twenty-three book proposal rejections, I kept going. I met with all of the publishers, and my persistence finally paid off with Rodale and “8 Minutes in the Morning.” I knew I wanted to make an impact, and I believed in my mission.

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MM: Your book is about making good choices that will positively affect your life. Are there any chapters that you think are particularly insightful and/or noteworthy?

JC: Chapter one in “The 3 Choices” is about being imperfectly you, or in other words, accepting yourself for who you are at your core. This resonates deeply with me because, for thirty-nine years, I wasn't living as my true self.

I was married to my wife, had two beautiful children and a wildly successful career, but I wasn’t happy inside and I knew it. Something was missing, and I had to come to terms with my truth. I found my true self when I came down to accepting and loving myself for who I am—a gay Latin man. The truth set me free and allowed me to move forward with my life.

MM: Can you tell us a bit about your childhood and how it affected your outlook on life? For instance, you've mentioned your grandmother was a tough lady, why do you think she was the way she was?

JC: I spent most of my childhood with my grandmother as my mother was an actress, busy with her career, and tragically passed when I was young. My grandmother was tough because she had to be.

She worked hard and did her best, but she struggled with accepting me for who I was. It was a different time then, and I think she was afraid for me. Her love was deep and fierce, and she did what she thought was best.

MM: You note in your book that it's okay to be imperfect, so do you think people tend to be too hard on themselves and what "imperfections" tend to be the most common?

JC: I do think people are their worst critics. It is far too easy to let negative affirmations resonate, and we don’t take the time to focus on the positives in life. Once something negative is discovered, it is nearly impossible to keep it from lingering. Body image is the most common because we look at ourselves every day.

I can even be guilty of self-deprecating self-talk: not young enough, not fit enough, etc. But, why stay in that negative space? There is no progress there. Take actions to make improvements and love yourself.

MM: You also put a lot of emphasis on proper breathing techniques in your book, so what kinds of benefits have you personally garnered from such practices?

JC: My life is insanely fast paced, if I don't take the time to breathe, chances are I won’t be able to sustain the needed momentum. It is so important to remember to pace yourself in this marathon of life. This year I’ve had terrible allergies that have also impacted my ability to breathe deeply and purposefully. As someone committed to natural ingredients, I turn to “Xlear” nasal spray made with xylitol, a natural sugar found in fruits and veggies that alleviate congestion and prevents bacteria from sticking to nasal tissues.

Every morning, I get up and have dedicated time for myself. I journal, mediate, and just breathe. The power of breath can change your whole outlook on life.

MM: You also note the importance of exercise, so what are some of your favorite routines?

JC: I really love HILO yoga right now - It is the best way to get a quick and beneficial workout in every day. I do eight minutes in the morning to start off my day right as it elevates my heart rate and strength trains at the same time. The moves are so simple and quick that you can even squeeze it into a busy day. My favorite moves are shadow boxing and plank as they start with high-intensity movement and then brings the heart rate back down with the plank.

Books, events, and other projects

MM: What has reader response to this particular book been like and how have you gone about promoting it?

JC: “The 3 Choices” is so different from my other books because I delve so deep into my personal life. Since we started promoting, so many people have been brave and honest in sharing their personal three choices and how they have made strides to love themselves and move to improve. It is heartwarming to share my story and have so many people be receptive and willing to share theirs.

MM: Can you tell us how many other books you have written and a bit about them?

JC: I have written thirty-two books prior to “The 3 Choices” and they have all been focused on fitness and wellness.

Dedication to health is key to a happy life, and I hope to encourage as many people as I can to stay motivated and educated on new scientific research as well as fun ways to stay active. Finding a balance in life is the trick to maintain a healthy weight, and stay fit.

MM: You are a New York Times Bestseller, so what was that very honorable experience like?

JC: It truly is an honor, as it is the ultimate reflection of my persistence and hustle towards success.

MM: You have worked with a lot of celebrities so do you have any especially cool or interesting stories regarding those experiences?

JC: Over the years, I have worked with so many amazing celebrities and love all of the experiences. Oprah told me to keep life simple, and that advice has been the key to my success all these years.

She gave me the ambition to write thirty-three books! Steve Harvey gave me amazing dating advice which leads me to meet my husband, Sam. He encouraged me to be upfront while dating instead of hiding my true self.

MM: What events and/or projects are coming up next for you and are there anything else that you want to discuss?

JC: We just launched my website--Google “Jorge Cruise” and you will find it--with a new and exciting Online Training Studio, the Fit Club Subscription with meal planners, recipes, and one-on-one coaching. Future events and projects can be found there, too.