Nobody could have expected that a themed ride in disneyland could spawn a multi-billion-dollar film franchise like 'Pirates Of The Caribbean', but it did. It has gotten to the point that the movie adaptations have essentially displaced in importance the classic indoor dark ride personally conceptualized by Walt Disney himself.

Originally, the dioramas and scenarios depicted by the "Pirates" ride were fairly realistic in content as to piracy in the Caribbean during those olden days. But ever since the G-PG rated films took the world by storm, elements from them have filtered to the ride and altered the experience.

The latest change of this sort is with the original "wench auction" being reimagined as a generalized pirate-hosted auction.

Change is coming

Ever since the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' park ride opened in 1967, one of its more sobering attractions was a scene detailing women in chains being led by buccaneers to an auction block, with a streamer encouraging potential bettors to "Take a Wench for a Bride." This rather real detail remained in place even as certain scenes of the ride were changed to allow for the presence of the now-iconic film characters. Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and Davy Jones have since gained prominent places in the loose storyline of the attraction since the first "Pirates" movie came out in 2003, but the wench auction remained, until now.

Disneyland Resort spokeswoman Suzi Brown has decided that the old animatronic set piece was due for a makeover to make it consistent with the "humorous, adventurous spirit" that has long been taking over the entire attraction to make it in line with the film series. Therefore, the wench auction shall be retooled as merely an auction run by pirates, with the "Buy a Wench for a Bride" banner becoming "Surrender yer Loot." Furthermore, one of the central animatronic figures of the scene, a redheaded woman in a fine dress and wide hat is going to be recast as a lady pirate with a musket in one hand and pistols tucked all over her gown.

Cinematic heavyweight

There are five 'Pirates of the Caribbean' attractions spread throughout Disney parks all over the world. The first to have its wench auction scene overhauled will be the ride at Disneyland Park in Paris. Soon to follow are changeovers in the Magic Kingdom of Disney World in Orlando, followed by the original, Walt Disney-designed "Pirates" ride in Anaheim.

Disney’s "Pirates" film franchise continues to be a box office juggernaut whenever a new installment comes out. The latest, 'Dead Men Tell No Tales', is currently the fourth highest-grossing 2017 film. Prior to its release, star Johnny Depp, who plays the face of the franchise Jack Sparrow, even made a live appearance inside the Disneyland ride, in costume and in character.