It is a strange situation where America wants to put up a border wall to check entry of immigrants into the country but, Los Algodones is a Mexican city on the border with California where Americans flock in large numbers. They want to avail of the cheap and affordable Dental Care available there. Teeth are a vital part of our anatomy and as age sets in, these need care but this is gradually becoming an expensive affair. People are in search for cheaper alternatives and this Mexican city is an answer.

During winter months, the number of people who arrive daily is believed to be around 6,000 and they travel from as far away as Alaska, Canada and all over the United States and many of them put up in the local casino.

They come by fair or drive down because, in spite of such expenses, it is cheaper than going to a dentist in America.

What the Mexican city offers

Sky News reports that there are many dentists in the city of Los Algodones and they thrive on the Americans who rush there for dental care that is within their financial range. The city has earned the nickname of ‘Molar City’ and has flourished because of the rich-poor divide. The rich spend billions on their teeth and the pricing levels leave the less fortunate ones out on a limb. They have no other alternative but to go to charity clinics and hospital emergency rooms because, when one suffers an intolerable toothache, he has to visit the dentist.

The broad picture vis-à-vis dental care in America does not appear to be too healthy.

Statistics of the National Association of Dental Plans reveal that more than 110 million Americans do not have any dental insurance and nearly half of them are in the age group of 65 or more. The costs are also prohibitive – replacement of a full set of teeth in the United States would come to nearly $16,000 but in Los Algodones, it is $2,000.

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Dental care in America

From the policies of the government, it may appear that universal dental care and cutting costs are not on the priority list of any of the political parties – they treat dentistry as more of a luxury. Obviously, the poorer sections of society feel neglected.

Incidentally, those who travel to Los Algodones are all praises for the care they receive and for the affordable charges.

For comparison - crown and implant charges in Mexico are $190 while in the United States, it is $600. Similarly for implants – in Mexico, it is around $1,100 but in the US, it would cost $4,000. One of the dentists has admitted that 98 percent of her patients come from America and she also sources her materials from there. Another interesting part is the role of deportees. Many of them are employed in this Mexican city and dentistry is a boon to them.