Even though you use your iPhone daily, there are still a lot of features and options that are relatively unknown. Some of these options are present in the “Settings” menu while others are buried in plain sight. Plus, there are a couple of things Siri can do for you that you may not have heard about.

It would not be wrong to say that iPhones are Apple’s most popular devices so far. Hopefully, you love playing around with its features, download your favorite apps, and use the camera to click pictures with friends.

Lifehack reveals that people only use 20 percent of what their tech gadgets are capable of. Here we have some suggestions on how to get most out of an iPhone.

Reminder by location

Siri, an intelligent personal assistant, is a part of iOS, Mac, TV, and Watch operating systems. It can be used in a lot of ways. You can set time-based reminders with this fantastic option, like saying “remind me to call papa when I am at work,” and you would automatically get a notification. If you have not yet tried this feature, you will have to create a new “Contact” list with your friends’ names, addresses, and numbers.


With an iPhone, it’s easy to convert ebooks into Audio Books. If you want to carry around several novels, without having to handle a stack of bulky publications, then audio books and ebooks are a way of having a digital library at your fingertips. Like most mobile devices, the iPhones have several “Accessibility” features. The most prominent feature, Speak Screen, can read aloud texts on the screen.

You can use this option if you are interested in turning ebooks into audio books. Speak Screen works at your command and can be turned off anytime.

3D Touch

If you are new to iPhones, you might not be familiar with 3D Touch models of smartphones. These devices are available since 2015 and can get things done for you. iPhone 6s and other devices bring a new dimension to the Multi-Touch interface with 3D Touch.

You can easily record videos, click pictures, and perform a variety of tasks with this option. You can even reply to Whatsapp messages without having to unlock your mobile device. This new technology lets you do more than ever with your games and apps.

Do you know about a trackpad?

A lot of people don’t know anything about the trackpad. This option can instantly compose messages, emails, and notes for users. You should go into the “Settings” option, and then press and hold on the keyboard until the cursor turns into a mouse-like trackpad. Now you should keep your thumb on the main screen and slightly drag to reach the texts that you may want to rewrite.

While it’s impossible to benefit from these options without an app, many people like the idea of rewriting texts, turning e-books to audio books and setting time-based reminders.

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