On May 20th, from 4 pm to 10 pm EST, located somewhere in Rahway, New Jersey, was PsychedMania: a gathering of intellectual artists, performers, photographers, and creatives celebrating the release of projects and music released by the members of psyched in their sacred home, Psyched Haus.

What is Psyched?

Psyched is a creative outlet. Starting off as a name working with skate apparel somewhere between 2013 to 2014, Psyched began with skaters and artists, where it continued to develop into what it is today. Many of the artists contributing to Psyched are all about DIY projects, in which each project emphasizes the growth of each artist as part of the outlet.

It was not until July of 2016 that members of this brand came together and established Psyched Haus: the sacred home for the creatives of Psyched. After experimenting in different areas of art coming from everyone taking part in the creative outlet, the decision for everyone to be together was considered, and made.

"We were all doing stuff like that, so like we decided that one day, we need to just all have a place where we can all just be together, and do this - just like, have a place to build and stuff" - shreddersaiyan, member of Psyched.

What is PsychedMania?

Much like the way each wrestler in WWE has their own entrance: with their selected music, wrestling apparel, and dance, PsychedMania is a celebration of each creative in Psyched.

With everyone in Psyched Haus actively creating throughout the entirety of the year since Psyched got their own house, there was a need for all of this creation and experimentation to be presented, and thus came PsychedMania on May 20th.

Material that was ready to go was released to the audience at PsychedMania.

Projects were projected, food was served, the brand's gear and clothing were on sale and worn, and creatives celebrated.

"Wrestlemania was like the best stories of these wrestlers telling their stories...

so for us, we had like the best of Psyched." - 89theBrainchild, member of Psyched.

Who does Psyched consist of?

Some artists in Psyched include 89theBrainchild, Kohai, TrapBang, Flick Liver, brainorchestra, Shredder Saiyan, and Cameron Barwick - the artist and founder of the brand itself.

While everyone in Psyched is constantly creating and growing, it is important to know that there are even incognito projects going on that not every person in Psyched is aware of.

"We got secret projects that not even I get all the details on, which is fine; it's a big team" - Shredder Saiyan and 89er.

Psyched is not a clique, but a creative outlet, a group where artists give and receive the creative drive needed for individual growth in their home, Psyched Haus, which ultimately leads to the growth of Psyched itself, and contributes to the overall art culture in New Jersey.