One Direction member Louis Tomlinson is opening up about his personal life. The singer/songwriter and talent manager is gearing up to release his new single and has spoken out about life after the One Direction hiatus. Often hailed as the oddball in the group, the 25-year old father of one is now coming into his own and literally owning it. Following the tragic death of his mother in December last year, Tomlinson is busy getting back on track with his musical career. He recently opened up about how his mother has been a major influence in his life, and even shared that he and his mother were so close that she was the first person he told about losing his virginity.

Tomlinson and his late mother were very close

In a recent interview with The Guardian, One Direction's Louis Tomlinson opened up about his unusually close relationship with his mother. The 25-year old Triple Strings Ltd. founder admitted that his mother, Johannah Deakin, used to know his email password, which was why she was always up to date with what was going on in his life. He shared, "I remember the day I lost my virginity. I hadn’t even told any of my mates and...I remember thinking this is a bizarre conversation to be having with your mother. But it’s testament to how comfortable she made me."

Deakin passed away in December 2016 from terminal cancer

Louis Tomlinson was at English professional footballer Jamie Vardy's wedding on May 25, 2016 when he got the devastating phone call that his mother was diagnosed with leukaemia.

She passed away in December 2016, right before Tomlinson was set to perform on "X Factor." The singer recalled a tearful phone call he had with his mother a few days before the performance, wherein she encouraged him to push through with the performance. He admitted that sometimes his "reservation or my confidence" hindered him from pursuing certain things, and it was his mother who would provide him with the needed push to get him there.

New single with Bebe Rexha arriving soon

Six months after the death of his mother, Louis Tomlinson is focusing on making more music. He took to Twitter to announce his newest collaboration with Bebe Rexha, titled "Back to You." The hashtag "#weloveyouLouis" trended on Twitter, with positive messages from fans in support of the singer.

This isn't the first time Tomlinson is collaborating with another artist, as his first single, released in December was created with Steve Aoki. "Back to You" is Tomlinson's follow up to his collaboration with Aoki, "Just Hold On."

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