Movies are a window where one can experience a story as a relatable character perceives it and walk in another's shoes to get a different perspective on a similar situation that the character is seen going through the same thing without having to pay the cost.

For the purpose of seeing your life in a new light that inspires you to call goal into existence, by practicing creative imagination and working towards seeing that dream fulfilled, in spite of what life might look on the outside.

So we'll look at 'The Wedding Plan,' a current movie that appears to be in film festival rotation where we'll pick out a character who uses a character strength to help them achieve that desired goal or reach a dream.

Then, after being inspired by either cinematic admiration "refers to the ability of movies to promote altruism, such that a viewer is inspired to perform acts to improve the welfare of others after watching a portrayal of virtue, goodness, and/or character strength" (qtd. Ryan Niemiec). Or cinematic elevation, "refers to the ability of movies to promote self-improvement or goal setting" (qtd. Ryan Niemiec).

Practicing creative imagination for a ring by summer

Before we go any further, let's watch the trailer to this faith-based film to establish the foundation of how all this "young woman needs is a little bit of faith to make her dream for a wedding ring to be married come true" (qtd.

'The wedding plan').

According to, Trailers app and, we see 'The wedding plan' movie is "a romantic comedy about a young woman with an elaborate wedding planned… and just one month to find a groom... after her fiance calls off their wedding a month before the ceremony, a woman decides to keep the reservation and trusts God will provide her with a husband."

So with this in mind, let's break-down the movie character of 'The wedding plan' a bit.

First, we can see the character is Michal (Noa Kooler), who wants to get married. For the reason of, it being one of her heart's desires to marry young and she probably has wanted since she was a girl guessing, by the way, she possibly did everything she could to see it through after her fiance had called off their wedding.

However, if Michal doesn't get it she will face embarrassment, financial loss, disappointments between family and friends with some grief in losing a fiance and a dream that was broken.

Yet, Michal could get what she wants, by doing what she can to put her faith in God to do what she can't do.

As Michal chooses not to give up on the dream of being married as most girls probably would in seeing that it takes two to make it work and see a development of the following character strengths and virtues: Wisdom, perspective, creativity, bravery, open-mindedness, persistence, love, social intelligence, leadership, hope, spirituality, and perseverance. We also see that this helps Michal to overcome overwhelming obstacles that come from inner and outer conflict.

The main character

Second, the main character of Michal she seems to show what to do and what not to do when a wedding had been cancelled by a fiance, but she can give a young woman creative ideas on how to go about getting a Ring By Spring or in the Summer as part of helping one to live an abundant life in the real world that would have expected Michal to just go along with canceling the wedding with her fiance instead of putting her faith in God for a husband to be provided so she could have her dream of getting married fulfilled.

Lastly, if you get the chance to see this film, try watching the movie from the character's perspective. As a result, through the given advice, one is able to copy the desired behavior from the movie character into a person's own life, if a person doesn't like the way things are going in their life to replace the bad with the good that was observed in through character. For the purpose of achieving the desired goal for a dream to get a ring by Spring, married in the Summer, or as another alternative to improvising under a sudden notice of wedding plans being canceled prior to the ceremony.

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