McDonald's just revealed something that will definitely change the way we eat our fries. It is called the "Frork" which is a "uselessly useful" utensil that might make you feel weird while using it. This new item was introduced by McDonald's Chef Mike and their pitchman Anthony Sullivan in a short commercial.

What is the Frork?

Aside from its name, many are also interested in its usage. Well, from the name itself, we can get the idea that it is indeed a fork but with a twist, since it comes with French fries.

In the commercial, Sullivan said that the utensil is made to ensure that no toppings will fall out while scoping them. It is specially made for their new Signature Crafted Recipe Sandwiches. The Frork can be used to scoop up the toppings from their pico guacamole, maple bacon Dijon sandwiches, and sweet BBQ bacon.

Its usage

Sullivan said that topping dropping is a real problem that their customers are facing. He announced the good news that such a dilemma can now be solved using the Frork. It is now easier to pick up every last bit of bacon or any topping that falls out of the sandwich.

The chef added that it is easy to use it. It can be handy for both left-handed and right-handed users and it can even be used in the dark.

How to get one

It can be purchased with the Signature Crafted Recipe sandwich until May 5 while supplies last. Those interested can get it from any participating restaurant. In the infomercial, McDonald's revealed that the first 100 callers to their toll-free number would receive a Frork, while the first 5,000 callers would get a coupon that they can use when purchasing a Signature Crafted Recipe sandwich.

So, if you are interested, you can call 1-844-McD-FRORK.

What is this new line of sandwiches?

McDonald's will launch a mix-and-match line of sandwiches for the Signature Crafted Recipe sandwich where customers will be able to decide what to use. In short, it allows diners to customize their orders. Apparently, one can choose from toppings that are all made from high-quality ingredients.

This new line will release on May 2, although it has been available at McDonald's branches in central Pennsylvania for about a week now.

The three flavors available are pico guacamole, maple bacon Dijon, and sweet BBQ bacon, available with your choice of grilled chicken, a beef patty, or buttermilk crispy chicken. The bun is also available as a traditional sesame seed bun or artisan roll.

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