Twitter can be a place for some of the harshest internet fights you've ever seen, but it can also be a source of endless amusement. Once in a while, would-be comedians across the internet compete for the funniest entry they can offer using hashtags. The latest of these is #SignsofaBadRommate, and the entries might just give you a chuckle.

If you're old enough and have found it impossible to live by yourself (or simply wanted to have someone around for company), you may have experienced a bad roommate. They might have the nasty habit of wearing the same shirt until it smells, or simply playing video games for hours when you just want to sit back and unwind with "The Big Bang Theory" or "Better Call Saul." Some are relatively tolerable, while others seem to go out of their way to annoy you.

Twitter has gathered examples of the worst kinds of roommates you'll probably ever find, and some just amusing anecdotes about them. One of the most popular refers to the antics of Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons on the sitcom mentioned above. You know Leonard would rather live with just about anyone else.

Another sign is that your toothbrush always seems to be wet, as offered by @deedles420. That would lead to a lot of weird questions, such as how it got wet, and what they are doing to keep it that way.

A terrible roommate could also be a perpetual freeloader, as @MistaJ1307 revealed.

The kind of person who is a roommate in name only, who makes you pay for everything and never does anything to help out. This is also a sign of an overly-enabled child, as he does specify the 18-year range.

Another example points to the overly-political type who can't let the little things go, as @mansplain2u states, "always talking about their "constitutional rights.'"

Some of the trending hashtag entries are just funny, not even serious

One such entry is that your roommate may not be a fan of the WWE.

Another funny one is a reference to the movie "The Silence of the Lambs," stating that they won't put the lotion on their skin no matter how many times you tell them they will "get the hose again." One entry gets a little bit on the topical level, and borderline risque, with a roommate stating that it's California and there is a drought, and you should shower together to conserve water.

Another particularly clever one makes reference to their roommate being a cat. @FinallyEven says, "when your roommate has [four] legs and a tail" is a sign of a bad one. It's very true that cats often don't do what they're supposed to, but cat owners love them anyway.

What are your examples of a bad roommate?