Guns are an integral part of the American culture right from the days of the Wild West, and six shooters and the city of Willowbrook in SW Illinois plans to open a new Gun Club where there would be a bar attached. The residents are, of course, worried because the general perception is that a combination of gun and alcohol is not a proper mix but an invitation for unwanted incidents.

Views of those who oppose

Fox News reports that during a public meeting in Willowbrook, many of the residents expressed their opinion about having firearms and alcohol under the same roof. Incidentally, the proposal was unanimously recommended to the village board by the planning commission, but those who attended the public meeting labeled it as a recipe for disaster.

Frank Trilla, the Mayor of Willowbrook, had to intervene to exercise control over the opposition while the backers of the Chicago Gun Club and Training Facility outlined their plans to placate those who were resisting.

One of the residents, who happens to live near the proposed location, does not approve of the plan and has several reasons for it. His worries are related to lead pollution, and noise pollution apart from possibilities of a misfired or stolen weapon. To top it all, there could be problems associated with the easy access of alcohol because humans have a tendency to be irresponsible and plans of a gun club in the neighborhood should not be pursued.

How do the supporters look at this?

The argument put forth by the supporters is that the gun club would be a meeting place for local police officers who can get trained. It will open up job opportunities for veterans and will also be an address where the community can engage in shooting practices. Above all, such a club will help to improve the local economy.

As to having a bar attached to the gun range, they clarified that the facility of serving alcohol would be an exclusive one to cater to only the top-tier members. There will also be a condition – anyone who drinks will not be allowed to shoot.

The location of the proposed gun range would be nearby of hotels, a church, and homes because these are locations that the residents feel to be important.

Frank Trilla, the Mayor of Willowbrook, is impressed by gun clubs but many of the residents do not share his thinking and hope to convince the village board to reconsider the decision. Gun laws in America are liberal and owning a gun for self-defense is normal. Therefore, there have to be ranges where the owners can go to practice and sharpen their skills. These ranges should preferably not serve any alcohol because such a setup could invite unforeseen incidents and disturb the peace of the surroundings.

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