Job Market all over the world over are usually gender-specific but, in the United States, a situation is gradually emerging where jobs dominated by women would increase while jobs that are traditionally meant for men would decrease. These are the findings of a new research conducted by Jed Kolko, an economist at job search site Indeed – the study reveals that the future is not bright for the less-educated men who may find it difficult to survive.

Broad look at the scenario

According to New Zealand Herald, jobs in the United States are grouped in men-centric and women-centric categories, and there is an imbalance because of various factors.

As far as the men are concerned, many of them are jobless not by choice, but the circumstances – the culprit is increased mechanization that gives more output with fewer people.

The effect on women is not severe since they are engaged in service-sector jobs where the effects of automation are not felt, and this domain includes areas like healthcare which is slated for a fast-paced growth.

In the opinion of Jed Kolko, the future is bright for women because the job market in their sectors would witness nearly double growth as compared to the men’s sector as indicated in relevant data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The ones to feel the pinch would be the less-educated men who usually opt to work in male-dominated jobs.

President Donald Trump, during his campaign, had mentioned about bringing back jobs to the United States. He had in mind people like coal miners, steelworkers and farmers who are engaged in jobs male dominated jobs and these have shrunk. The White House is keen to revive these sectors and is working on a number of options.

Is automation to blame?

The job market is unpredictable and is always changing. The best example is computer programming which used to be a bastion of the women – today men call the shots and females play second fiddle.

While on the subject of job risks for women, Kolko blames automation that has snatched some traditionally female jobs like those of telephone operators, textile workers, and travel agents.

These could see a downward trend. However, all is not lost because there are some male jobs where prospects are bright like those of ambulance drivers, emergency medical technicians, personal finance advisers, web developers, computer scientists, and actuaries.

In the world of today, advances in technology are happening at an incredible speed, and it's hard to keep pace with it. Apparently, those who have the necessary education can accept the challenges of tomorrow and emerge winners but, the less educated will have to struggle. Incidentally, if robotics enter the arena on a large scale, all the equations will go for a toss.

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