There's something about the number "25" that makes us feel warm and bubbly inside. It's a quarter of a century. It's the value of a coin with George Washington's face on it. And it's the perfect Age for human beings.

People from all generations, from baby boomers to millennials, agree that their best years were when they were 25 Years old. Most were married and had children when they were 25. And those wanting to lose weight could easily shed a few pounds when they were younger.

What else can 25-year-olds do with their newfound power of living for a quarter of a century?

Beating computers

In this most recent study publushed in PLOS Computational Biology and reported on Science Daily, researchers found out that 25-year-olds have the most random behavior out of all the ages. For this experiment, the researchers created an online test listing hypothetical results from random events, like rolling a die or flipping a coin. These hypothetical results were random and didn't follow a certain pattern. Researchers found that those who were 25 years old made the most random choices and were more likely to mimic the random processes of the world.

Or, as one researcher said, 25 is the "golden age when humans best outsmart computers."

Home life

When should you get married? The median age for married couples in the U.S.

is 27. But in a study done with 500 college students (and their parents) across five campuses and published in The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, the average ideal age for marriage was 25.

After marriage, there's usually a baby that follows. According to one study done at Ohio State and reported in the DailyMail, women should have their first baby when they're 25.

Women who have babies when they're 25 have more stamina and vigor in their lives compared to other women who give birth when they're 40 years old. Most parents agree; in a Healthspan PregnaPure poll of over 2,000 parents published in Telegraph, the average ideal age to give birth is 25 years and 252 days.

If you're worried about your body, the best time to go on a diet, according to Korea Daily, is when you're 25.

It's much harder to lose weight past the age of 30. Those in their mid-20s have more free time and energy to stay active.

What do you remember?

All we have to remember are our memories. And the best memories of our lives happen by the time we're 25 years old. In one research project done by the University of New Hampshire and published in Science Daily, researchers asked participants what they remembered throughout their life. Most of the participants told stories about their teenage years through their thirties, mostly about life-changing stories like marrying the love of their life and having a baby.