Hi, Tauruses, it’s Saturday, and in today's daily horoscope, we're going to talk about achieving your goals. People under the earth sign of Taurus are born between April 20 and May 20. Headstrong, determined and persistent, it’s hard to get these folks to give up. Read on to see what the stars have to say to you for today.

What to expect

Today, Taurus, if you've been considering a career in writing or teaching, this is an ideal day to put your plans into motion. Your words have power, and you’ve got the imagination and inspiration to be able to sell anything to anyone.

In the social realm, your friends could all be busy tonight, so there's no possibility of going out. If you're ready to pitch a book proposal to a publisher, now is the time to do it.

You are very likely to travel today, Taurus. This is a trip which you have been planning for a while now and is likely be a family trip. You’ll either be traveling to a site of religious or historical importance. Pay close attention, because this sort of trip will be of large significance in your life.

If you were born in the first decade, you'd find all temptations intriguing and contradictory.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, devote yourself to relaxation. On the other hand, don't shy away from a task that requires a lot of organizational skills, because this can get you major brownie points. Get more strategic about your public persona, and make sure your reputation shines brightly for others to see. The stars advise you not to get influenced by people who don't know the real you.

If you want to make progress in achieving your goals, flattery will get you everywhere today! Go ahead and tell some powerful people how smart they are, and how much you admire them. You will become someone they take seriously, as long as you’re sincere. Use your enthusiastic energy as a powerful asset.

Be kind and patient: the Moon’s presence in Scorpio will help you take complete control over any form of annoyance or agitation.

Enjoy this time and reconnect with your family members.

Take note overall

Overall, Taurus, get planning and proactive when it comes to achieving your goals. Do the right things and say the right things, as long as you’re honest about it -- the stars will give you the favor you need to move forward.

So, Taurus, that’s it for today’s daily horoscope. Hope you enjoyed and be sure to check out your horoscope tomorrow. Thanks for reading and Happy Easter!

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