Hello, Geminis! In today's daily horoscope, we’ll be talking about getting creative. Born between May 21 and June 20, Geminis are social, friendly and witty. You enjoy a good conversation, and you love learning and getting your feet wet in new things. Read on to see what message the stars have for you today.

What to expect

Today, Gemini, your creativity is at an all-time high, so take advantage of it. You've got a groovy vibe that is urging and compelling you to create something new. The good news is that there is no more high pressure in your environment, and everything and everyone is returning to normal.

You can expect to have a great night tonight, thanks to profound dialog and fiery lovers.

It could be rewarding for you to put yourself at someone else's service. Someone in your life, perhaps a friend or a relative, could really use your help right now. They might need a babysitter or just someone to vent their frustrations to.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Gemini, let your creativity flow. This would be an ideal day to paint or write some words of poetry. Even though you consider your talents well below amateur status, you may be surprised by what you're able to produce. Ignore your strict internal editor and work for the pure pleasure of creating. You will be delighted with the results.

Since you're feeling so energetic today, why not get your sneakers and hit the gym to regenerate yourself a little? If you have a rising sign in Cancer, try to offer stimulation to someone who likes you, and even you will manage to experience first rate appointments. Go ahead and show your sentiments with sincerity. But don't be afraid to make mistakes, Gemini.

Try not to be too possessive your friends. They cherish you just as much as you cherish them. Just like you, they are allowed to have other friends, and there is no reason to feel threatened by social groups where you're not included. It's okay. To get to know some new people better, it's a great idea to host a big party and invite some friends along with friends of friends.

Take note overall

Overall, Gemini, this is a good day to get creative and try your hand at painting or writing. Plus, learn to be open and honest about your feelings with someone. Remember, it's okay to make mistakes, and that nobody's perfect.

Okay, Gemini, that’s it for today’s daily horoscope. Hope you enjoyed and be sure to check out your horoscope tomorrow. Thanks for reading. Happy Easter!