Soon after the Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival opened its doors last Friday, a lot of the original merchandise for the 2017 edition was already sold out. Not the t-shirts, hoodies, and bandanas available at huge merchandising booths, along with artists' items, but the limited editions of vintage-looking clothing and accessories. This year, Coachella's boutique merch is all about the seventies, and festivalgoers will have another shot at getting one of these items this weekend, when the event returns to the Empire Polo Club, in Indio, CA.

Back to the 70's

The most sought-after piece was a bowling jacket in shades of green and gold, with a map of the venue in the back and a palm tree in the front. It went for $80 and sold out almost immediately, as only a couple hundred copies were available. There was also a t-shirt and a tank top with the uniquely designed stripes that were so popular in the seventies; these were both going for $30, just $5 more than the regular, modern Coachella souvenir tees.

Those who make their way into Indio this week will also be able to buy multiple hoodies with that vintage look, as well as leggings, yoga tops, and Hawaiian shirts. In the accessories department, both socks ($25) and trucker & camper hats ($30) follow the same vintage theme.

For those who do not want to wear Coachella, but would like to have a unique souvenir, there are beach towels and multiple posters available. All seem pulled straight out of a seventies movie.

More than music

Coachella has long become "ground zero" for fashion trends, celebrity outings, new music, and bizarre art installations.

Festivalgoers show a remarkable sense of belonging through their clothes and hairstyles – this year, it's been all about Princess Leia buns and boxer braids, along with the usual flower hair crowns that have graced the grounds for years.

Another trend revolves around futuristic items, like shiny silver shorts paired with Spice Girls-era platform boots.

If anything, the Coachella music festival has developed into a full-fledged microworld that could be placed in another time – and no one would notice if it wasn't for the omnipresent smartphones Snapchatting and Instagramming at all times.

Best of Coachella 2017

Lady Gaga is headlining this year's music festival, but the second show won't have as much flare as the opening one, just because the singer can't drop the new single "The Cure" again. Aside from the "Born this Way" singer, a lot of acts are sure to make a splash on the second round: Radiohead, Bon Iver, Father John Misty, Future, DJ Snake, The xx, Lorde, Bastille, Grouplove, to name a few. And, of course, an inspired Kendrick Lamar to close the fest on Sunday night.