Anyone who wants to choose burglary as a profession has to take plenty of care to ensure a trouble free escape once the deed is done. It has now come to light that, wearing a proper dress is an important aspect in the life of any burglar. In the absence of such a precaution, he could land up in a real mess like this burglar in Tucson, Arizona.

The facts of the case

New Zealand Herald reports that the burglar targeted an elementary school which has an average of 390 students every year and, offers grades from kindergarten to eighth grade.

It was a small school by any standard and, why the burglar chose to strike here is not known as yet.

However, once he entered the premises, he tried to break into the classrooms when a locksmith saw him. That pressed the panic button and, the burglar tried to make good his escape, but, luck was not with him. He literally tried to jump the school fence, and was caught. Not by the locksmith or by the police or others in the neighborhood but by his Baggy Pants which brought his downfall. The pants got stuck in the spikes of the fence and, the whole world got to see a burglar hanging upside down.

It was a hilarious sight for others but, not for the man with baggy pants. A couple of passerby witnessed the complete episode, captured the photo and posted it in the social media for posterity.

Message of the story

The burglar is already in the custody of the police and, as he cools his heels in the police station, he would be introspecting about his folly. He would not just be cursing his luck but, also, his dress sense.

Baggy pants may be OK in social get-togethers and, for hip-hop dances but a definite no-no in activities that involve speedy escape from the scene.

One reason for his actions could be that he is a novice in the line and, the plan to rob such a tiny elementary school in Tucson was a decision he took on the spur of the moment. Whatever it be, he has learnt his lesson the hard way and, will, henceforth, ensure to look before he leaps.

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