Many job applicants would surely want work that pays well and the people they would work with are not bossy or too demanding. However, what people would describe as their Dream Job would differ based on their expectations and likes or dislikes.

Different definitions of an ideal job

For some job searchers, a dream job is one that would be financially rewarding, while for others, it could be one with a work-life balance. Others may prefer a job that allows them to travel, but some could point to work that would maximize their skills or advance their chosen profession.

The dream job could be something as simple as working in a restaurant or a luxury car maker like Porsche Germany which is generous in paying all its employees annual bonuses. For sure, a new vacancy that a tennessee company just advertised would attract a lot of applicants.

High living in 12 luxury properties

Third home, a company in Tennessee that runs an exclusive private club for luxury second-home owners, is seeking applicants for the “best job on the planet,” The Telegraph reported. The successful applicant would be paid $10,000 monthly to travel around the world for three months, live in luxury accommodation and share the experience on social media.

Besides the monthly salary, the lucky chap who gets the job would have a different fund for travel expenses. He or she could bring a travel companion, but the expenses of the friend are not covered. No pets are allowed either.

Among the criteria that Thirdhome is looking for among the applicants for this dream job are people at least 18 years old, with social media experience, fluent English writing skills and the ability to take good photos and videos.

To apply, send a one-minute video with an explanation why the applicant deserves the job to The application period ends on March 30

Similar jobs

In 2009, Briton Ben Southall bested more than 34,000 applicants in a similar job search. His reward was working for six months on a holiday island off the coast of Queensland in Australia. He enjoyed the perks but admitted he was too busy during those six months to sit back and reflect.

In 2013, Tourism Australia launched another Best Jobs in the World promo where the pay was $100,000 a year, but the six winners had to work only between August and December 2013. The six winners from the U.S., Canada, France, Brazil, U.K. and Ireland had different tasks to do in various Australian states for five months. These were to attend parties, take care of wildlife, patrol parks, take pictures as a lifestyle photographer and taste food, IBT reported.

The promo attracted more than 330,000 applicants from 196 countries. It would be interesting to know how many applicants Thirdhome would attract this time.

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