In today's daily singles lovescope for Cancer, we're going to talk about your search for love. As a Cancer, you can be quite emotional and sentimental, and you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve. However, you can be guilty of moodiness, pessimism, and clinginess, which some partners might find charming and quirky, and others might find depressing and smothering. But you've got many positive traits to bring to the table, such as creativity, spontaneity, loyalty, and generosity. These are the traits that you must put forward in order to attract your ideal mate.

What to expect

Yesterday, Cancer, your were ready to cut yourself loose and let it all hang out. You couldn't care less what everyone else had to say, and you probably wound up leaving quite an impression on others by the end of the evening. However, today, you feel a bit more subdued and rational. Your curiosity is piqued, especially with a certain individual who appears to be somewhat of an enigma.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Cancer, trust your instincts and make informed decisions. Read through that certain someone's online profile one more time. If you've got hesitation, it's for a reason -- and while you can't win if you don't play, you also don't want to waste your time.

Open up and ask questions. Direct communication is the best kind right now, and you'll need to come out of your shell a bit to be really effective. Give a sincere compliment. Extend a casual invitation. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want.

Take note overall

Overall, Cancer, it's time to get back into serious mode when it comes to determining whether your prospects measure up or not.

Also, you might want to ensure that you're leaving the impression on others that you want to give out, on purpose. Don't sell yourself short and hope that others will find you tolerable -- share those beautiful parts of you that make you irresistible!

That's it for today's daily Singles Lovescope for Cancer. If you've enjoyed this reading, be sure to check out your lovescope for tomorrow.