In today's daily horoscope for Pisces, we're going to talk about rewards that are heading your way. Ruled by Neptune and born between February 19 and March 20, Pisces are governed by a duality, a struggle of the spiritual soul within the physical body. As a Pisces, you are deeply creative and artistic, with enhanced intuitive abilities. Somehow, your intuition has guided you towards working on a niche or a project that is bound to yield big results!

What to expect

All that hard work you've been doing lately hasn't gone unnoticed in the eyes of the powers that be.

While you've been working your butt off, they've been watching and observing, though quietly, just taking notes and reporting on your progress. This is good, Pisces, because it means that you can expect to see rewards coming your way very soon. Up until now, it has been felt like you've been on a hamster wheel, and you've been waiting for a long time to see positive results. Could the wait be finally over?

How to get through your day

Pisces, you could be due for a raise, promotion or bonus, so even if you have plan immediately afterward, dress in your best businesslike outfit for work today. Don't be afraid to wear something that makes you look sharp and like your own the joint. You're about to have your 15 minutes, and you know you've earned it.

Hard work does indeed pay off, just ask Capricorn. Accept the recognition with grace, and be careful not to rub it in others' faces -- you might risk stirring up some envy. So for everyone's sake, enjoy the glory modestly, because everyone will be watching.

Take note overall

Overall, Pisces, reaping the rewards of your hard work is a thrilling and exhilarating experience that can be quite addictive.

After toiling for so long, you're finally gonna get the recognition you deserve. Today, remember to put your best foot forward, and don't forget to remind them (subtly through clothing) that you're a 'boss' in your field. Express your gratitude and give credit wherever it's due, and don't forget to celebrate with those who are truly happy for you.

That's it for today's daily horoscope for Pisces. If you've enjoyed today's reading, be sure to check out tomorrow's reading.