In today's daily horoscope for Libra, we're going to talk about new opportunities. Born between September 23 and October 22, Libra people are kind, gentle, and lovers of beauty and peace. As a Libra, whatever you get yourself must harmonize with your tastes, abilities, desires and passion. The question today is, which is the best opportunity for you? You're the master of balancing and weighing options, so take your time to choose wisely if something is in harmony with what you're looking for.

What to expect

A friend has recently come to you with a super offer, and you're tempted to take it.

Unfortunately, don't expect them to wait for an answer, and remember that you've got more important things to take care of. They want to introduce you to a whole new peer group -- to some people they're sure you'll fit in with just perfectly. So that means, Libra, more connections, broader horizons, more opportunities. Sounds good doesn't it? You're great when it comes to meeting new people and you've got the curiosity that drives you to scope out the new and exciting, so thus far, everything looks okay, at least on paper.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, try not to let yourself get badgered or flustered. You need time to think if what you're presented with, because, well, you're weighing your options.

There's nothing wrong with that, right? Others may not have the patience to wait around, but if you can talk them into waiting just two days, it could be a blessing.

Take note overall

Overall, Libra, as new doors open, you already know that not all of them are right for you, at this point in time. It helps to slow down and weigh your options, and take a look at them from various vantage points.

After you've gotten a full understanding of whether an opportunity harmonizes with your needs or not, you're now ready to speak up and accept or decline. But use your charm to buy some time.

That's it for today's daily horoscope for Libra. If you enjoyed today's reading, be sure to check out tomorrow's reading.