In today's daily couples lovescope for Taurus, we're going to talk about confirming your feelings. Has the time arrived? Yes. A Taurus in love is cautious. Loyalty and integrity are very important to them in all relationships, but particularly in their love matches. With a Taurus, it may be a slower-paced courtship than other signs at first. The foundation will take time to set. As a Taurus, you usually take your time declaring your love, and you have the need to make sure that your feelings and the other person's are quite strong. This is a good thing, as it ensures a high level of integrity.

When your Taurus tells you that they love you, you can rest assured that they mean it.

What to expect

Today, Taurus, expect to have to be on guard with your emotions. Jealousy can turn the most logical person into a paranoid, angry freak. If you don't watch it, you'll drive yourself crazy with suspicion every time your sweetie goes out alone. Trust your heart. Also, make sure you tell your sweetheart how happy you are today -- they need to hear it straight from you. Try not to worry about timing or appropriateness, because the only thing that matters is the feeling you have inside.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Taurus, be open with your feelings and give your partner the feedback they need to know that you're okay.

Despite apparent dialogue with your partner, it's best to analyze the disagreements well before a new crisis blows up in your face. With the rising sign in Pisces the emotional ties which you have made lately are consolidating themselves day after day: grab the opportunity to deepen some acquaintance.

For those of the third decade, the universe has prepared an entire buffet of cuddles and caresses for tonight. For those in a relationship with a Gemini: you are an explosive couple and everybody is envious of your dynamism!

Take note overall

Overall, Taurus, now that you are more sure about your feelings, remember to declare your love, and give your partner the signals they need to know that all is well.

That's it for today's daily Couples Lovescope for Taurus. If you've enjoyed this reading, be sure to check out your lovescope for tomorrow.

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