"Doubt" was katherine heigl’s come back to television. The artist was cast as Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens in an ABC medical drama, "Grey’s Anatomy," which ran from 2005 to 2010 and won her an Emmy for outstanding supporting actress. In this new CBS series, she replaces KaDee Strickland as Sadie Ellis, a lawyer who starts to fall in love with her client. The storyline revolves around her hiding her feelings from everyone she knows.

‘Doubt’ generated a low rating

The show premiered this February on CBS and generated a low rating.

This is most likely the reason why "Doubt" was pulled out of the current CBS schedule. A review of the Legal Drama published by The Hollywood Reporter (THR) on February 15 called the legal drama "weak" and concluded that the cast deserved better. In the TV series "Doubt", Katherine Heigl worked alongside a transgender co-worker played by Laverne Cox, known for her role in Netflix television series "Orange Is the New Black". Cox was one of the original cast from "Doubt" pilot series.

Technically not a final cancellation

There are many reasons why a TV series get canceled other than low ratings. Over the years the CBS Network has cancelled many shows after their first episodes aired, and these episodes never came back. By the time of writing, CBS has made no official statement about the cancellation, which is not an unusual thing.

It appears that "Doubt" is the first TV series CBS decided to take out of the schedule this year. According to THR, the rating "Doubt" received was only a mere 0.8 score for adults between the ages of 18 and 49. A new and revised schedule has been posted on CBS website replacing "Doubt" with "Criminal Minds" and legal drama series "Bull".

Fans of the actors in the series and transgender advocates are expressing their disappointment in social media over the cancellation.

Although there has not been any talk about whether or not the TV series will return some time later this year, it is also not uncommon that shows are delayed, cancelled, or renewed. The cast had already completed the first 13 episodes before CBS replaced the series. In "Doubt", Katherine Heigl worked with Dulé Hill, Steven Pasquale, Elliott Gould, Kobi Libii, Laverne Cox, and Dreama Walker.

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