In today's daily horoscope for Leo, we're going to talk about you, Leo, because you're in your element today. Your instincts are sharp, making you ready to pounce on your prey. Leo people, born between July 23 and August 22, are leaders and tend to set themselves apart from everyone else. But chances are, you've attracted someone in your sphere who wants to grab some of the spotlight, and you'd consider sharing -- if, and only if they are worthy. Today, you can smell the fake from the real, so let's dive into how you bring the truth forward.

What to expect

Today, you might be picking up on mixed signals, perhaps from a friendship, which is something you'd least expect. As a Leo, you're loyal down to your very core and it's only fair to demand the same from those you consider as part of your pride. But there might be an impersonator in your midst. You can smell him or her, and your first instinct is to tear them open and rip them to shreds, although, you might want to consider an alternative approach.

How to get through your day

Today, Leo, when you whip off the mask of someone who's all talk and no action, consider being generous with them. Revealing someone's true identity can be painful in itself already, and being around such a strong leader can pose as an intimidating challenge that makes people want to be someone that they're not.

It's not that they don't respect you don't think that you deserve to see the real person standing in front of you-- quite to the contrary, they probably look up to you so much that they have been working overtime to impress you. This person may not be so good at communicating their needs or what they have to offer, so they'll be grateful when you ask them directly for the truth.

Take note overall

Overall, Leo, it's going to be a day of revelation. However, how the truth comes out, can make all the difference in the world. As you're clawing for answers, don't be surprised if you discover that the facade was put up just so that you would take notice.

That's it for today for the daily horoscope for Leo, be sure to come back to check your horoscope for tomorrow.