Rock legend and Billy Idol’s guitarist Billy Morrison teams up with famous L.A. street artist Plastic Jesus, who is known for his artwork of life-size Oscar statues. He also built a small wall around Trump’s Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame, for a media-themed art show entitled, “Anesthesia: The Art of Oblivion” at the Gibson Brands, Inc. former iconic Tower Records site on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles for two days on February 24 for an exclusive VIP reception (not open to the public). The public art show will be held on February 25.

Art show with an attitude and social theme

We spoke with Billy about the art show and he explained that it’s based on everyday life.

“The theme or idea of the art show is that we shovel so much into our lives to anesthetize a strong reality like spending so much money on things watching TV, music and film and art in itself is a way to relieve ourselves from the reality that we live in." "It’s an overriding theme that both of us like to comment on,” said Billy Morrison in a phone interview.” “There’s pieces in the show that comment on racism and homophobia, the extinction of animals, it’s social commentary really is what it is.”

Plastic Jesus came to Billy’s last art show and was very impressed with Billy's artwork.

He introduced himself to Billy and they discussed the possibility of hosting an art show. They decided to collaborate instead of just showcasing each others work by hosting an event. Plastic never hosted an art show in L.A. before and wanted something different and special.

Morrison is an endorsee of Gibson guitars. He called Gibson to reserve the space and they agreed to allow them to use it exclusively for the art show.

Two legends in one iconic space

The former Tower Records site is usually an empty space but come the weekend, Billy and Plastic will invade the space with their unique artwork. They took it over and built out installations, lots of walls and 36 pieces of art.

“My art is about making people think.” “The work is absolutely phenomenal, we’re both very proud of it,” Billy said.

“There’s proper collaborations not just showing each others work." "We worked on 13 pieces together and I hope people come down on Saturday and see it.”

Morrison will be on tour with Billy Idol in two weeks. He had a residency in Las Vegas last year and they return to Vegas for another batch of rock shows.