Amidst the buzz around Donald Trump's #inauguration, his wife Melania Trump is also drawing talks and news. People have been wondering which designer dress the new first lady will wear for the big event and it looks like she has chosen Ralph Lauren.

Reports say that the fashion mogul is in the middle of completing Melania Trump's inauguration gown, which she will be wearing during the dinner. Interestingly, though, the designer is a Hillary Clinton supporter who has worked with the Democrat in her presidential campaign.

Ralph Lauren made Hillary Clinton's iconic white jumpsuit

Ralph Lauren has designed many of Hillary Clinton's clothes during her campaign.

This includes the iconic white jumpsuit that she wore during her third debate against Donald Trump in October.

When the Democrat made her concession speech, she wore a black suit with a purple lapel. Guess who the designer was?

Melania Trump wore Ralph Lauren on Election Night

On the night of the election, Donald Trump bought Melania Trump her dress at the designer's store on Madison Avenue. The new first lady, who used to work as a model in Slovenia, has been known to wear his pieces on several occasions.

It's still unclear, however, who tapped Ralph Lauren for the chance to dress Melania Trump for the inauguration. Reports also say that the designer will also create clothes for other members of the Trump family, but reps of the fashion company didn't want to comment on the reports.

Designers boycott the Trumps

Months before the inauguration, some designers expressed that they would never dress Melania Trump because they do not support her husband's politics. Among those who refused included Sophie Theallet, Marc Jacobs, Phillip Lim and Tom Ford.

Other designers, however, believe that the America's first lady is deserving of a presentable dress and she should be wearing the best of America's fashion creations.

They declare setting aside their problems with Donald Trump to give dignity to the woman who would be standing alongside the new President.

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