Chicago is in the news for all the wrong reasons and has prompted a tweet from Donald Trump where he has said that in case the local administration cannot handle the Crime then they must ask for federal help. These are strong words and have come after it has been announced that in 2016 a record number of homicidal deaths with firearms took place. To blame these murders on the second amendment is neither here nor there as this law is applicable to the entire United States, yet the maximum murders and deaths have occurred in Chicago. An analysis of the killings shows that from 2011 onward to 2013 the majority of the murders and killings were by blacks against blacks.

The killings are connected to race. This is chilling news and one wonders if this is like Charles Bronson's "Deathwish". The figures have not changed for 2016 as confirmed by the Chicago police chief.

Blacks dominate killings

Earlier data show that 74-75% of the homicides are black who use guns to kill other blacks. In the same breath, the whites involved in such violent crimes is just 4-5% with about 15% being Hispanic. Crime in Chicago is a geometric progression and every year it is increasing. One can recollect that the famous don Al Capone was also in Chicago. Is Chicago the crime capital of the USA? It's difficult to answer this question and one hopes it is not correct.

All over the United States race is not discussed but there is a racial problem.

The agitations which go all over the USA with the refrain "Black lives matter" in response to police killings of blacks need to focus on the massive killings by blacks of blacks in places like Chicago. Don't the lives of these blacks matter?

Last word

One of the reasons for these murders is the various gangs that proliferate in the city.

The Latino gangs do have a hierarchy while the black gangs are splintered and attack each other to carve out influence and territory. Federal help will be needed to wipe out these gangs.In the meantime, the world watches as blacks kill blacks with impunity in Chicago and give a bad name to the community.