Not a fan of the bold, futuristic frames populating the runways this year? Well you're not alone. Warby Parker recently launched their 2016 winter collection and it is all about sleek frames in soft colors. From the Louise, with its translucent frame reminiscent of refracting snow, to the Percey in the striking Mission Clay Fade, these glasses channel the warmth of holiday neutrals while maintaining the simplicity of a classic.

The trends

The 2016/2017 winter runways saw large plastic frames, colored lenses, and geometric touches. Though some designers got creative with cat eyes in bright colors (Max Mara), embellished rims (Gucci), and even matching striped frames and lenses (Fendi).

The problem with such designs is, of course, practicality. These glasses or sunglasses lend themselves as statement pieces, less so as wardrobe staples. Add the designer price tag, and you're looking at a pair of $300 glasses you may only wear a few times a year.

Enter in Warby Parker for more daily-wear friendly eyewear.

The collection

A favorite, the Goodney in Birch Tortoise (think firelight shadows), rocks a slightly thicker frame with a rounded cat eye. It also comes in a Heathered Plum, a color akin to berry compote. But a definite theme is an urban simplicity, with five different frames in a Jet Black Matte: the Edgar, Everson, Daisy, Otis, and Hardy. Each frame varies in shape—the Daisy and Otis more rounded, the Edgar and Hardy more square—but it is obvious that the whimsical frames of the Leigh Clark x Warby Parker collection played a role in the effortless elegance of these winter looks.

For those seeking a bit more color in their eyewear, consider the Everson in Eastern Bluebird Fade (think robin’s eggs tucked into just leafing branches) or the Welty in Rose Fog (think Jaqueline Postill in midwinter). Or if you live by the bay, try the Edgar in Marine Slate for an icy blue swirl.

Either way, Warby has you covered if you aren’t sold on the frameless colored lenses of Opening Ceremony or the wired bug eye of Giorgio Armani. Each pair starts at $95 (including the cost of prescription lenses).